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Engraved Immortality by Melanie D. Basileus



I really wanted to enjoy this book more than I did, mostly because this is a debut author and I always give them the benefit of the doubt. I, however, give honest reviews after reading.

This book is about a 20something year old Helene Carter who has begun to have odd dreams about her dying, it just so happens we open up to her waking up with marks along her Achilles tendon which is something we need to remember through the book. She dreams about herself dying and a man beside her weeping.

We then kind of tread the pages for about 200 pages or so, we go from where she works, to home, to the hospital where her mom works, to school and then she finally decides [after numerous dreams and getting a tattoo to cover up her mark,] that she needs to travel to Greece or specifically, Mykonos Island.

Things begin to pick up from here, although I’m not overly keen on it and here is why.. I was hoping for more depth to the story and what I mean by this is emotional depth, not an ‘insta-love’ thing, which happens. This story had a lot of potential and the storyline itself was quite interesting, it was just how it was executed.

Some parts were quite drawn out while others seemed to happen quickly, to the point I was wondering if that was truly how things were going to pan out, because it almost felt *wrong* to me. There are some gaps [emotionally and depth wise] that left me feeling unsatisfied.

There is going to be a second book “Engraved Bloodlines” that comes out in 2016. It does set up for a sequel rather nicely.

I wanted to like this more, I truly did, but for me it was just a 2 star. This is available via Kindle Unlimited [free] and also available on Amazon for 2.99 kindle edition.

Paper Dolls by Ketley Allison


Paper Dolls

So, I’ll sum this book up. Scarlet has a penchant for things consisting of dangerous, something in her is dark and thrives when danger is around, so when her friend decides to pull her into a secret society to waitress, she’s all about it. She meets this bad boy there who is all kinds of danger, he has bad connections and to consort with her is just .. crikey! Danger, Danger! Said bad boy, Theo Sax begins to want to chase her away from this lifestyle – she’s too good for it, and she isn’t taking the bait.

Alright, so the writing is pretty decent in this book, and the characters are alright, too.. but at times [at least for me] they seemed to fall flat. I would have liked to see more depth to each of the characters. Sometimes it felt like there was too much monologue and not enough scene changing, or real storytelling here.

BUT… this wasn’t by any means a bad book, it was interesting, there were just a few things that were off to me. I really would like to see more depth as well as emotion, because although none of this scenario was relatable to me it could have been made more relatable if there was more connection to the characters which then would have really put me in their shoes.

Dead until dark by Charlaine Harris

Dead until dark

“I want to call you all those gooshy words you use when you love someone, no matter how stupid it sounds.”

So eloquently written…NOT! If that is what you’re looking for here, a book that is poetically dark then stop there and consider reading Carmilla by Le Fanu instead. This is kind of the bottom of the barrel as far as supernatural romance goes, so please if you’re looking for quality storytelling or insight to the dark world of vampires as well as other ‘underworld’ characters, look somewhere else!

I decided to read this way late in the game, I had been an avid True Blood fan and when the show ended I decided that I would begin reading the books. Now, we’re talking just recently – as of July 2015. I’ve been able to suck down these books and I don’t want to review them individually, but I’ll give a vague review that can be [i’m sure] applied to all of them.

Sookie Stackhouse calls her ability a disability, which kind of got me uppity from the beginning and the fact she goes around calling it this peeves me off continuously. However, this aside, from the get go Sookie comes off as being a bimbo and though she tries to say she’s a learned woman, that she isn’t stupid – she is. Very stupid in fact. In the show Sookie enraged me because of her stupidity, but the show Sookie might be smarter and far more independent than what novel Sookie is.

S: He better think twice about orderin’ me around! I’m my own woman and he better remember that!

B: Take off your clothes. Wear this outfit.

S: Okay, B! You just like my ass in these jeans!

B: I like you in nothing, but these jeans…I like them.

S: You got it boo! Oh, no…don’t start.. I’m not in the mood, B. I’m really tired.

B: I want to. So we’re going to.

S: Oh…alright…we can.

This sort of thing drives me crazy. She is not her own woman, she listens to what Bill says all the time. If he wants her dressing a certain way she does.. if he wants sex she drops it like its hot. She never stands to her word and its a weakness that just irritates me when she goes around waving her “I’m a woman hear me roar” flag – when she’s mewling like a weaned kitten!

So, then Sookie is shown this world of supernaturals, she gets drawn into their drama and is eventually used. She allows them too as well.

All in all, I really don’t care for this book OR the book series, but it has me drawn in because I do want to see how it differs from the show. My morbid curiosity and my love for Eric, which yes… he’s in the books and Eric is Eric. He’s the saving grace, I suppose.

Bill is even MORE flat – if you didn’t think that is possible, think again.

I wish I had great things to say about this series, but I don’t. Yet, I’ll continue to read until the end so I can say “I did it, I suffered, I conquered…. I DID IT!”

Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan


Immortal Beloved

I really had difficult getting into this book, it starts out with Nastya, our lead female who is a party goer and is inexplicably what is described as an “immortal,” what we come to later find out that these immortals are essentially witches. She is 400, nearly 500 years old and has lost her humanity, she happens to blot it out with partying. Nastya makes bad choices and hangs out with an awful crowd of people who make worse decisions. When an inevitable horrible thing happens by the hands of one of her friends, it wakes her up.

So, we hit a flashback which takes place about 80 or so years ago. There is a woman named River that she meets at another tragic event, do we see a pattern here? This woman tells her to find her in Massachusetts at X location when she grows weary of her current life. Bounce back to the future, Nastya is tired of her life, she’s terrified and on the run from her so called friends, [who are also immortals.]

The story begins to really pick up when she is thrust into what is essentially a rehab for immortals, the idea really struck me as interesting. Immortals live so long that they lose their humanity and ability to really care for what surrounds them, this rehab which is headed by River as well as her partner, is to rehab these immortals to bring normalcy into their life, to ensure that every moment and every breath in their life truly counts. Mundane tasks are preformed by way of gardening, harvesting, taking care of horses and sweeping. These are all tedious things but it gives an individual time to think, reflect and feel.

Enter Reyn, a hunky stuffed shirt that she finds herself drooling over and also being brought back to flashbacks of a horrible past. She finds herself pulled to him and repelled at the same time. It’s a mutual feeling and as the story unfolds you begin to see why.

I wouldn’t gush over the book because at times it was slow and I felt some pieces were unimportant but it was a good “moral” as to letting the past be the past and it’s never too late to change. I would recommend this read, but be forewarned that there are flaws by way of lack of story development, depth of character and a few minor details.

Radiance by Grace Draven


Radiance by Grace Draven

Ahhh, it pains me to give this book two stars, but three would imply that I liked it more than what I did.

I enjoy Grace Draven so much. She was one of my great finds and whatever she writes I will read. Master of Crows set a high bar, I think. I was expecting something along those lines in regards to a combination of world building and romance. In comparison this book pales in comparison to the world and story that was built in Entreat Me and Master of Crows. What you have here is essentially a tale of two characters and their growing affection toward one another, looks aside.

The characters are likable enough, but with several other reviewers I have to agree that the whole “He is ugly/She is ugly” gets a bit old. In this book there are two races, our leading lady is a Gauri [think human,] and our leading lord is a Kai [think along the lines of Anubis.] Immediately they are set aback by how ugly/horrifying the other is. You are not meant to forget this as it is currently rewritten on how odd the other is, how ugly he is or she is, how weird it is… They even come to jest about how ugly they are to one another. I came to understand it’s how they show affection and yet… it just got a bit tiresome.

While there are background things going on I didn’t feel as if either character had that much depth to them, the story seemed to tread water constantly, just buying time until the end. It was an okay story, but not what I was expecting.

It’s a quick, easy read.. but not much happens in it. Which it pains me to say this, because I have read everything Grace Draven has ever written! This just wasn’t for me though.

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

3 out of 5

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

I am swiftly becoming a Hoover fan, because while she is not a perfect writer, while her words aren’t flowy and the writing itself isn’t the best the emotions really are. Hoover seems to “get” how to inflict emotion on people.

I enjoyed Ugly Love so much, it was the second contemporary romance I’ve ever read in my life, so I had the bar set high for this one. I’m not in high school, I never got into the drama of high school and I kept to myself. So when I began reading this I rolled my eyes and thought: “Yeah I’m not going to relate to this at all.” But sadly, there are a lot of portions I could relate to.

While some may argue about the sexism thrown throughout the book… slut shaming, an overbearing male interest, the idiocy of both teens, etc… It’s not pretty aspects of life, but unfortunately they are there.. and it happens. So does bullying, so do stupid choices and tragically other ugly aspects of life occur, too. Hoover portrays them. Are the characters perfect? No… is the book flawless? No… Are humans in general? No.

I actually think “Sky” our leading lady here is pretty numb in the brain at times, she nearly does everything against what a parent teaches you. Taking a drink from someone she doesn’t know, talking to a guy she doesn’t know. She ignores warnings and it’s not smart… Guess what? It happens, this isn’t a guideline on how to act, [maybe it could be used as a guideline for how not to act or speak to strangers?]

“Holder” tends to be a typical overbearing male, the kind that I guess everyone is used to in a novel by now, he’s a teen and typically male teens don’t have their wits about them. They say stupid things, they act on instinct, they don’t get it, it’s a learning process!, but you discover why and although this is no reason to BE overbearing, or smothering her… you can see why he would.

Once everything is aired out and the truths come into the light it is fairly devastating, that’s where you can rock back in your seat and clutch your chest thinking, “Oh my gosh, Holder… Sky… SKY!” 

I read this book rather quickly, it took me about three hours to complete. It’s an easy read and it doesn’t make you feel good, so don’t read it if you’re looking for a feel good book. Once I finished this book I had a lump in my throat and definitely had a book hang over.

Again, this book isn’t perfect, the characters aren’t, the writing isn’t… but somehow Hoover gets to you. Every. Time.

Entreat Me by Grace Draven

4 out of 5 stars

Entreat Me by Grace Draven

I didn’t have super high expectations, but I expected something great because Master of Crows was a great find! I was wondering if Draven could wow me again.

While some of the characters needed some growth I believe this was fairly worthy of the four stars I gave it. It’s a retelling of beauty and the beast with a twist, minus a few of the servants, sadly. The main character, Louvaen is a strong woman who stops at nothing just about. She is a dedicated lover and sister, who refuses to give up even though she faces a few adversaries.

Ballard, the beast, has a ruthless past and the curse he and his son are under is revealed in dribs and drabs. It’s a fast read, that focuses more on romance than the world. Perhaps if the world building of MoC was fused in this book I would have given it a five star rating.

Still, totally worth the read and I’m not disappointed.