Emma and The Banderwigh by Matthew S. Cox



Ten-year-old Emma doesn’t believe in faerie tales or monsters that secret children away in the night–until she meets one.
She lives in a quiet village at the edge of Widowswood with her parents, her Nan, and her little brother, Tam. Ready to abandon the whimsy of childhood, she finds the boredom of chores comforting and Nan’s fanciful bedtime stories silly.

One morning, a wan and weary older girl staggers out of the woods and sets the entire town aflutter with whispers of a child-stealing monster lurking in the forest. Nan tells her of the Banderwigh: a dark soul who feeds on sorrow and drains the life from children’s tears.

Darkness comes calling on Emma’s happy home, threatening the reality to which she desperately clings. The impossible becomes more and more real, forcing Emma to reach inside herself for the ability to believe. Her family depends on it.


Genres: children’s fiction, supernatural-paranormal

Pages:  150

Series: Single

Published by Curiosity Quills Press

Release dateOctober 12th, 2015






This was an easy, quick read and decidedly dark in content without being over the top for a youthful mind. While many may consider this a Young Adult, I would say that it is aimed more toward the Children’s section. That being said I’m thankful that it wasn’t as dark as it could have been.

We begin our story with Emma, a little girl who is stubborn in her mindset that fairytales aren’t real, that goblins and faeries do not exist, magick doesn’t exist either. Understandable, because practicality says otherwise! However, as the story progresses it seems that perhaps she was wrong after all.

As the book takes twists and turns we learn more about Emma, as well as her family, there is a strong eerie quality to it all and yes more darkness in it as well.

Some of the characters, for instance, Emma’s father, prove to be a little more than stubborn and a touch annoying when it comes to their disbelief even when the proof is staring them in the face. However, it was overall a quick, easy read and moved along quickly.

The eerie quality was intriguing to my adult mind and something I enjoyed. I just wish there was more depth to it, more background in general and more. Just MORE!

Escape from Witchwood Hollow by Jordan Elizabeth





Genres: children’s fiction, supernatural-paranormal, historical fiction

Pages:  178

Series: Single

Published by Curiosity Quills Press

Release dateOctober 29th, 2014



I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

I don’t know where to begin with this book. The events were such a whirlwind that I still feel like I’m reeling from them. In this’ll you learn the story of three individuals and it hops back and forth from the three of them. Each one has a differing time period.

It can become confusing as it bounces are in story and tries to connect past, present and future lines together. I know the purpose to this was to branch out to family, however it just boggles the mind for me and introduces too much information rather than delving into the actual story.

For me this book was shallow in that it didn’t have much substance to it, a grand story and interesting to say the least but it wasn’t as deep as I would care for it to be. The characters themselves offered no depth and no growth.

This WAS an interesting story though, more pegged for a youthful audience, 10-13 years.

The ending I didn’t see coming but it left me feeling hollow and not satisfied.

2.8 would be a more suitable rating.

Why do I read? #Ireadbecause


Um, first of all, is that title really a question? Why do you breathe? Because you need to! So, why do I read? Because I need to.


Everyone had to learn to read at some point in their life and while others may have had it come to them naturally, there are those who struggled more with the learning process. That was me.  Reading was a difficult thing for me to pick up while I was able to read I wasn’t able to comprehend what it was that I was reading. I knew that I had learning disabilities, but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t read it just meant that reading would take a little longer for me to pick up, that I would have to learn differently than the other children my age.

God bless my mother for being patient because I certainly wasn’t and because it was difficult why did I want to even learn?! She stuck with me and eventually purchased a package of Dr. Seuss, Clifford, Mr. Frog & Mr. Toad.

I had an active imagination from a young age and always used it. It took a while for me to get into reading books or rather consuming them. I found myself reading Julie of the Wolves, I became obsessed with these books. I devoured anything by Marguerite HenryThese were easy reads and helped me chug along with my difficulties with reading. Soon after I was finding reading easier, I was able to delve into these worlds much better than I had before.

Don’t you know by the time I was 13 I was branching off into fantasy worlds? We’re talking about books such as I am Mordred, The Once and Future King, Mists of Avalon, Wizard’s First Rule  and The Dark Elf Trilogy.

I read so much when I was a teenager that I could spit authors and books at you, recall the plots and gush about them. Books are really one thing that opens me right up [that and animals!]

  • Tamora Pierce
  • Garth Nix
  • Neil Gaiman
  • Jacqueline Carey

Honestly, the list goes on, but to go back to the question. Why do I read? Because I really need to! I have such an active mind that reading books calm me, they relax me, help me breathe and take me away to places I would never have dreamed [or maybe I would because I have bizarro dreams..]

I guess the real question is… why wouldn’t I read? It’s a joy to me now, something I smile back and remember how hard it was for me when now I’m teaching my oldest [4-year-old] how to read and he’s picking it up far easier than I ever did. I smile! I think, ‘Wow! This is something we can bond over, this is something that will help his little brain grow…this is just the start.’


So, to my  chosen ones… why do you read?

Renee @ A Bookish Delight

Klinta @ Book Owly

A. Marie Silver

Eve @ Eve Messenger’s OtherWORDly Endeavours

Jennifer Hamilton

Samantha @ Dream by Day

Broken Dolls by Tyrolin Puxty



Broken Dolls by Tyrolin Puxty

Genres: Science fiction, Fantasy, Horror

Pages:  175

Published by: Curiosity Quills Press

Release date: December 14th, 2015

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Summary: Ella doesn’t remember what it’s like to be human – after all, she’s lived as a doll for thirty years. She forgets what it’s like to taste, to breathe…to love. She helps the professor create other dolls, but they don’t seem to hang around for long. His most recent creation is Lisa, a sly goth. Ella doesn’t like Lisa. How could she, when Lisa keeps trying to destroy her?

Ella likes the professor’s granddaughter though, even if she is dying. Gabby is like Ella’s personal bodyguard. It’s too bad the professor wants to turn Gabby into a doll too, depriving her of an education…depriving her of life.

With time running out and mad dolls on the rampage, Ella questions her very existence as she unearths the secrets buried in her past; secrets that will decide whether Gabby will befall the same fate…


About the Author

I’m a Jack, or more accurately, a Tyrolin of all trades. In my 23 years, I have walked the red carpet for song nominations, was awarded Australian of the Year in 2014 for Music and in 2015 for the Arts, worked as a qualified paralegal, appeared in TV Shows, hired for product photography, modelled, became a Justice of the Peace, started my own club for school children interested in the arts, worked for a successful magazine company, published a book, hugged a koala and had a show ride collapse on my head.

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4 Stars!

*I received this ARC from Curiosity Quills in exchange for an honest review.*

Oh. My. Goodness.

I honestly don’t know where to begin with this review, because it isn’t something that I’ve yet to wrap my head around. There were so many delicious twists and turns in this book just when you think you know what is going on and what its all about…HA!

So, we begin our story with a little animated doll named Ella, she’s a ballerina and is quite content in her life, she adores the Professor, the one who made her and takes care of her. One day, he gives Ella a friend, Lisa. At once, it’s seen that she is unlike Ella, she’s dark and not friendly, she remembers things from her past though, dolls don’t have pasts, right?

A series of rapid fire events occur and they keep you guessing until the very end, when the truth comes out it is rather heartbreaking. Heartbreaking until the very end, too. Ugh, I was reeling from my overload of feels…

This book was quite marvelous in that I’ve never actually read something like this… It’s a touch horror, thriller and mystery. There is a low key of romance. There were two things that kept me from giving this a five star rating.

* Sometimes it felt like it was written too much for a young teen — around the ages of 12-13, so it gave it a childish feel to it. [Part of me thinks it was so that Ella’s ‘age’ was believable.]

* IT WAS TOO SHORT!!! this isn’t exactly a bad thing, because it means I wanted more and most certainly will be reading the second installment. 😉

‘Tis the season to be book tagged!

The one and only  RichardDenney brought this wonderful tag to you. Thanks to Eve Messenger @ Eve Messenger’s OtherWORDLY Endeavours for tagging me.

 1. Do you have a favorite winter read?

I actually don’t have a favorite Winter read, but there are some books I never tire of reading. One of which is Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë



2. Find a book with blue on the cover!

I don’t normally do Contemporary Romance, it’s just usually not my thing. However, I decided to branch outside of my ‘comfort zone’ and took up Ugly Love, and I found myself punched by feelings over and over again. It really got me square in the feels!



3. Find a book you’d use as the star on a Christmas tree!

While color wise this may blend in with the tree I feel as though Splintered would be the one to top my tree. This was a favorite find this year. It’s a beautiful, eerie cover and an equally wonderful book to read. Why, yes, I likely would have something like this on my tree!





4. Pick one fictional place that would be perfect for a winter vacation!

The Kingdom of Bast-Haradis from Radiance, would I eat their food? Likely not, but it would be a warm place to vacation away from New England! Honestly, wouldn’t you want to escape to that?



While this story wasn’t amongst my favorite, Grace Draven is actually one of my favorite authors. I consider her a gem I found!


5. Pick one fictional character you’d take with you on your winter vacation!

Really, this is a no brainer. Considering I am a huge Alice in Wonderland fan and the Splintered series is really up there with a favorite series read. I enjoy the different take on Wonderland as a world and if it wasn’t already a creeptastic place to be A.G. Howard makes it even more so. Not only that, but there is a delicious blue caterpillar who morphs into a blue moth. A clever, most loyal footman. Morpheus from Unhinged has my vote.



6. Name one book on your wish list this year!

Well, I own a grand portion of what I would like to see on my wish list. However, to further fan girl about A.G. Howard, she is releasing a novella in the Splintered series on Tuesday. So I would have to say that…


Untamed is definitely on that wish list!


7. Favorite holiday drink, treat, & movie?

My Favorite holiday season beverage would have to be CIDER! I love it, hot or cold! I absolutely love it steamed with caramel which is an extra naughty way to have it!

Treat. Hm, definitely has to be peppermint bark… I’m so bad at just devouring an entire bag of those when I’m reading!

This is so hard, because Christmas is my favorite time of year. Elf has to be amongst the top favorites. It never gets old, plus no one likes an angry elf.


HOWEVER… my TOP favorite movie, because it reminds me of my childhood and how excited I used to be with my older sister and younger brother sandwiching me on the floor….


MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL! Besides, who can’t relate to Rizzo the Rat?


This was a blast and I hope you enjoyed it, too. Or at least feel as thought you know me a little better. Because it’s the most wonderful time of the year… here are some exceptional Elves that I am tagging!


Jennifer Hamilton

Renee @ A Bookish Delight

Klinta @ Book Owly

Dream by Day

The Book Sale Reads


I try to attend a local library’s book sale every month so I can support them. They rely on book donations and each book purchase goes toward the funding of the library. That being said, I usually do a good amount of book buying on these, ranging from 8 books to 16 books a time. I acquire a good amount of books this way and for little to nothing.

Each book is twenty five cents a piece. Honestly, how can I not book hoard?! Even if it isn’t a great book – so what?

I’ve decided that once a month I’ll post my book haul, and while I don’t have the full picture of my haul which included the above books, these are books that I’ll be reading in January, too. You may recognize some and you may not!



18463179In nineteenth-century Victorian England, a young widow finds that she has inherited more than her late husband’s property: The Furnavals serve as the ancestral keepers of supernatural portals scattered around the globe. When demonic entities begin crossing over from the Netherworld, Lady Diana realizes that a war is brewing, and she must be the one to confront it.

Accompanied by a young Chinese sailor named Yi-kin, her feline guardian Mina, and a mysterious scholar, Stephen, Diana will begin a journey to solve the mystery of her husband’s death and prevent the apocalypse.

Pages:  282

Published:  January 10th 2014 by JournalStone




A Victorian boarding school story, a Gothic mansion mystery, a gossipy romp about a clique of girlfriends, and a dark other-worldly fantasy—jumble them all together and you have this complicated and unusual first novel.

Sixteen-year-old Gemma has had an unconventional upbringing in India, until the day she foresees her mother’s death in a black, swirling vision that turns out to be true. Sent back to England, she is enrolled at Spence, a girls’ academy with a mysterious burned-out East Wing. There Gemma is snubbed by powerful Felicity, beautiful Pippa, and even her own dumpy roommate Ann, until she blackmails herself and Ann into the treacherous clique. Gemma is distressed to find that she has been followed from India by Kartik, a beautiful young man who warns her to fight off the visions. Nevertheless, they continue, and one night she is led by a child-spirit to find a diary that reveals the secrets of a mystical Order. The clique soon finds a way to accompany Gemma to the other-world realms of her visions “for a bit of fun” and to taste the power they will never have as Victorian wives, but they discover that the delights of the realms are overwhelmed by a menace they cannot control. Gemma is left with the knowledge that her role as the link between worlds leaves her with a mission to seek out the “others” and rebuild the Order.

Pages: 403

Published:   December 9th 2003 by Simon and Schuster


7402393Calla Tor has always known her destiny: After graduating from the Mountain School, she’ll be the mate of sexy alpha wolf Ren Laroche and fight with him, side by side, ruling their pack and guarding sacred sites for the Keepers. But when she violates her masters’ laws by saving a beautiful human boy out for a hike, Calla begins to question her fate, her existence, and the very essence of the world she has known. By following her heart, she might lose everything- including her own life. Is forbidden love worth the ultimate sacrifice?


Pages: 452

Published: October 19th 2010 by Philomel


Perhaps you know these books already and perhaps you don’t, if you do feel free to leave a comment below and chat about it. If you don’t be sure to read the reviews once they’re up.

-Sissy Lu

Five Steps To The Harem by A.M. Helen




Genres: romance, suspense, thriller, mystery, erotica

Pages:  325

Series: Single

Published by Teardrop Productions

Release date: October 31st, 2015



The older I get the less appealing an alpha male is to me, I enjoy strong males who don’t need to flaunt their need for control of all things. I don’t enjoy the aspect of ” you don’t need to know, you just need to trust me.” … There are some exceptions as far as the story goes.

This being said this book is more like 3.5 stars for me because the story is intriguing to say the least. Catherine Moore is a newly widowed detective in England who is working a case involving Lord Redthorn who is a suspect in a double homicide and it just so happens the two victims are part of his harem.

Catherine is disgusted and yet intrigued by him from the start, she becomes obsessed with pinning this murder on him to the point her boss gives her leave. That’s when she decides to take Nicholas Redthorn up on his offer and delves into his harem to see if she can’t figure things out.

She figures things out, but also discovers quite a bit about herself and finds herself entirely lost to Nicholas.

While the story is intriguing, the romance to it is… A little off for me. They’re both obsessed with one another and the way they clicked was fairly insta love which seemed displaced for me. The more thugs the develop the worse this feeling gets to me.

However, the side story of her husband’s cause of death and how that wraps up with Redthorn’s story is quite interesting, a lot of twists here and then the ending… You don’t quite see that coming.

Catherine is forgettable, though, she’s wishy-washy and inconsistent.

I will say this, though, I did read it straight through and it kept me engaged.