Yummy Addictions by Belle Davis



I received this arc via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I don’t really have much to say about this book because it didn’t really hold my interest much.

It’s about a newly divorced woman who is celebrating by taking a trip she’s always wanted and wouldn’t you know the hottie she sees on the plane is someone she’s met before. A year ago she danced with a guy and doesn’t quite remember because she drank herself into oblivion.

Fate has brought these two together again, she doesn’t want anything serious though and so…even though she doesn’t know this man and has just been divorced, she starts making out with him on the plane… and she says she just wants sex from him.

He demands that she gives her his number and that HE is the one to give her a good time.


I wasn’t keen on this whole possessive alpha male business, especially when she’s supposed to be celebrating her freedom only to play into this dominating males hands. It was poorly written, in my opinion and not something I enjoyed in the least.

Engraved Immortality by Melanie D. Basileus



I really wanted to enjoy this book more than I did, mostly because this is a debut author and I always give them the benefit of the doubt. I, however, give honest reviews after reading.

This book is about a 20something year old Helene Carter who has begun to have odd dreams about her dying, it just so happens we open up to her waking up with marks along her Achilles tendon which is something we need to remember through the book. She dreams about herself dying and a man beside her weeping.

We then kind of tread the pages for about 200 pages or so, we go from where she works, to home, to the hospital where her mom works, to school and then she finally decides [after numerous dreams and getting a tattoo to cover up her mark,] that she needs to travel to Greece or specifically, Mykonos Island.

Things begin to pick up from here, although I’m not overly keen on it and here is why.. I was hoping for more depth to the story and what I mean by this is emotional depth, not an ‘insta-love’ thing, which happens. This story had a lot of potential and the storyline itself was quite interesting, it was just how it was executed.

Some parts were quite drawn out while others seemed to happen quickly, to the point I was wondering if that was truly how things were going to pan out, because it almost felt *wrong* to me. There are some gaps [emotionally and depth wise] that left me feeling unsatisfied.

There is going to be a second book “Engraved Bloodlines” that comes out in 2016. It does set up for a sequel rather nicely.

I wanted to like this more, I truly did, but for me it was just a 2 star. This is available via Kindle Unlimited [free] and also available on Amazon for 2.99 kindle edition.

The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden

The Casquette Girls


Well, I’m not sure where to begin. I’m torn over my rating and I think that a 3.8 is more accurate, there are a few too many things about the book [minor details,] that bring my rating down from a 4. For instance, how the book starts off fairly slowly and by fairly slowly I mean things don’t begin to pick up until you reach around 200-250. By the time 250 rolls around, if you managed to stay with the book, things begin to rapidly pick up from there.

We begin our story with a sixteen year old Adele Le Moyne who is just moving back from Paris to New Orleans after a devastating [unnamed] storm has hit the state. The state is a ghost place, where a curfew is set in place and looters are on the prowl. Even though the storm is unnamed when you read it you can’t help but think of the devastation Katrina caused and so it was interesting to view it as that being the storm to cause such havoc.

Adele meets new individuals as she begins to settle into her ‘old’ life and she meets new people, people who confuse her. Eventually, we begin to see her abilities surface and what she is capable of in small dribs and drabs. I wasn’t keen on the lack of explanation of her magical abilities but it does come later [a little bit.]

As soon as she comes into the possession of a diary that belongs to an ancestor of hers [around page 250 or so,] the book takes off and you’re plunged into a world where the Casquette Girls formed and you discover an unlikely coven, vampires and more intrigue.

The book ends and it leaves you with questions that make you want to read the second book and I think I really will read the second installment. This book was a quick read once things actually began to happen, I just wasn’t keen on how slow it was in the beginning. It was interesting though, to see the devastation and how the storm and storms in general destroy peoples lives.

Very interesting read.

Alice Takes Back Wonderland by David D. Hammons

Alice takes back wonderland


I received this arc in exchange for an honest review.

I was excited to find an Alice in Wonderland book, or rather a retelling. I am a huge fan of Carroll’s tale and how kookie it was.

That being said, when I read a retelling of it I find myself looking for different views or expanding on what maybe we didn’t find Wonderland. This book starts off after Alice’s adventure to Wonderland and after she had landed in the mental ward. She’s allegedly \fixed/ but we don’t see this at all in the beginning of the book while she’s eating dinner at the table. Alice seems to have lost it entirely, even after therapy.

I wasn’t overly fond of how mad she was to begin with and after many hours of therapy and medications, not to mention her nearly college age…It didn’t make sense for me and it was more than a little annoying. Especially since as the story progresses and she’s dragged off to Wonderland again, which is progressively losing its Wonder due to the Ace of Spades cracking down and wanting to turn the world into something…normal.

Alice is daft and I expect more from a near adult Alice who should know better by both memory as well as just her age. She’s entirely frustrating as she doesn’t seem to take the circumstances seriously and it’s …maddening.

As the stories progress we are introduced to cross fairy tales… Pinocchio for instance and he is the crocodile. Here is where it went from being a 3 star to a 2 star for me. It progressively lowers in quality as well as age group, I find this book is more suited toward a 12-14 year old. More a Children’s fiction book than it is a Young Adult, in my opinion.

In the end I was disappointed, it was interesting to say the least.

Sugar Skulls by Lisa Mantchev/Glenn Dallas

Sugar Skulls


I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

When I began to read this book I found myself a little confused, the summary sounded interesting and a sci-fi that was relatable. A world that thrives on energy and music? Where Energy is like a high as well as currency? Sounds great!

The author’s name seemed familiar and then it dawned on me, this is the same author that wrote “Ticker” a steampunk book. I find myself having the same issues with this book as I did the other.

We are thrust into this world and we’re just trying to grasp what is going on. Vee is the lead to a band and during a performance she sees *this guy* this guy that makes her wonder and makes memories, which she’s had wiped, begin to surface.

It is written in two views, which seem to change WAY too much. It’s almost dizzying, I can deal with one chapter being one person and another the next, but this swaps constantly from Vee to Micah. Vee is the lead to the rock band “Sugar Skulls” and lives a fairly wild life, we meet Micah at a concert and it’s INSTA-LOVE.

Corporate supplies drugs, as well as memory wipes and cleansing with various other technologies [nanotech,] and it’s clear that Micah is going to insinuate himself into Vee’s life while stirring up some trouble for them both. Or… was he insinuated in her life before? As you read you find out the truth.

My overall view is that it isn’t a book that is written poorly, it is the format that it is written in that I’m not a fan of. The constant flow of back and forth just didn’t settle well with me, but I do think it’s an interesting book. At times it was flat, but I think generally it was well worth 3 stars.

Little Red by Bethan Woolvin

Little Red


I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I typically don’t review children’s books, but since I do read my fair share of them to my two children under the age of 5, I thought maybe I’d read one to them and see what they thought [as well as myself.]

We all know the story of Red Riding Hood and this is a short and not entirely sweet, it is very dark. This book doesn’t hide the darkness to it and it is illustrated to go along with the tale. The illustrations are rougher/cartoonish but they are done very well.

I read this to my son and asked him at the end what he thought, he said it was a good book but it was a little scary. He liked Little Red but the Bad Wolf was scary. So, keep this in mind for little ones. There is a clear depiction of Little Red with an ax in her hand and in the next scene she’s wearing wolfskin, my son knew what happened.

The bright side, it shows how fearless Red was when faced with an adversary who [visibly] ate her grandmother.

There are pros and cons to this book, it shows her being brave, but it can come across a little too dark and/or scary for a young one.

Paper Dolls by Ketley Allison


Paper Dolls

So, I’ll sum this book up. Scarlet has a penchant for things consisting of dangerous, something in her is dark and thrives when danger is around, so when her friend decides to pull her into a secret society to waitress, she’s all about it. She meets this bad boy there who is all kinds of danger, he has bad connections and to consort with her is just .. crikey! Danger, Danger! Said bad boy, Theo Sax begins to want to chase her away from this lifestyle – she’s too good for it, and she isn’t taking the bait.

Alright, so the writing is pretty decent in this book, and the characters are alright, too.. but at times [at least for me] they seemed to fall flat. I would have liked to see more depth to each of the characters. Sometimes it felt like there was too much monologue and not enough scene changing, or real storytelling here.

BUT… this wasn’t by any means a bad book, it was interesting, there were just a few things that were off to me. I really would like to see more depth as well as emotion, because although none of this scenario was relatable to me it could have been made more relatable if there was more connection to the characters which then would have really put me in their shoes.