A girl’s guide to moving on by Debbie Macomber




Genres: romance, contemporary, chick-lit, women’s fiction

Pages:  352

Series: Standalone

Published by Ballantine Books

Release date: February 23rd, 2016

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I received this ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is my first time reading a Debbie Macomber book. I’m late to the party and I know it while I have seen her movies on Hallmark during the holiday seasons I’ve never actually read her books. Nor have I read any contemporary romances that weren’t a young adult, so this was an experience for me to say the least.

Leanne and Nichole are mother in law and daughter in law, they are close and bonded by the fact their husbands have been consistently unfaithful and they are newly divorced. They’re close, as in live in the same apartment complex and live across the hall from one another. It’s been two years since Nichole hasn’t lived with her estranged husband and she’s still wishy washy.

This book is told in first person in the perspectives of Leanne and Nichole so you get a feel of how they are bonded to one another as well as how their lives affect one another. Once the men they meet come onto the scene their lives are filled with turmoil, questions and more drama than what they perhaps thought would come their way.

Each woman seems to grow, even though I wasn’t keen on Nikolai, Leanne’s counterpart – because he could be too controlling at times and used his emotions to manipulate Leanne, it did, however, make her grow as a person. Rocco and Nichole’s relationship made me smile, but he seemed a little distant, too distant.. and when it came to each relationship I wasn’t able to connect but I could connect with their overall emotional dismay at their situations.

Overall, it was a decent book and quick read. It was cute, but nothing substantial.

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My Answers:

  • A popular book or series that you didn’t like




Ugh…. One instance where I actually prefer the movie to the book! My sister begged me to read this series with her so she would have someone to wail with. So I did and I regretted every blessed moment. It hurt me to actually read these books. My sister loved it…

  • A popular book that everyone hates but you love



Warm Bodies. Before it was a movie, before anyone was talking about it… I picked up this book and loved it. I don’t know.. a romanticized zombie book intrigued me. It was different, it was unique and a unique take on “Zombie-ism.” It’s still one of those reads that I chuckle over… and the funnier part is I got my mother hooked on the book so much she [a 50 year old woman,] brought it to her Book Club and made it the book of the month to read. Go Mum!

  • A love triangle where your ship did not sail


Ruin & Rising. My ship did not sail and without giving it away…. I think I choked up.

  • A popular genre that you hardly reach for


A genre I don’t reach for, well that’s tough, but generally I don’t read much contemporary, but I will. Non-fiction isn’t something I typically go for and neither is mystery.

Something I’ve never read? 53

harry potter series
Percy Jackson series & Harry Potter series
  • A beloved character you didn’t like

Cinder. That’s a tough one and I’m sure later I’m going to be going AH! You should have used this one instead! But I really couldn’t stand Cinder from the Lunar Chronicles. It’s a series that I’ve grudgingly read ONE AND A HALF books out of…

  • A popular author you can’t get into

J.K. Rowling. I don’t know, maybe that is unfair because I’ve never read her work. There is so much hype surrounding the books that I just find myself iffy about picking them up. Maybe Marissa Meyer would be a better choice!

  • A popular book series you have no interest in reading

Harry Potter. Percy Jackson I’ll probably pick up and read here and there, but Harry Potter…eergh I just don’t know.

  • An adaptation you like better than the book

Maze Runner! There were definitely things I liked better in the movie than in the book, considering I thought the books were horrid. There were some bits that were really important that they botched and to me didn’t make sense. BUT…. the movies are far better than the series.

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The Heartless City by Andrea Berthot

26044720 (1)

Genre: Young Adult, Steampunk, Supernatural, Abilities, Romance

Pages: 241

Published by Curiosity Quills Press




Henry Jekyll was a brilliant doctor, a passionate idealist who aimed to free mankind of selfishness and vice. He’s also the man who carelessly created a race of monsters.

Once shared secretly among the good doctor’s inner circle, the Hyde drug was smuggled into mass-production – but in pill form, it corrupted its users at the genetic level, leaving them liable to transform without warning. A quarter of the population are now clandestine killers – ticking bombs that could detonate at any given moment.

It’s 1903, and London has been quarantined for thirteen years.

Son of the city’s most prominent physician and cure-seeker, seventeen-year-old Elliot Morrissey has had his own devastating brush with science, downing a potion meant to remove his human weaknesses and strengthen him against the Hydes – and finding instead he’s become an empath, leveled by the emotions of a dying city.

He finds an unlikely ally in Iris Faye, a waitress at one of the city’s rowdier music halls, whose emotions nearly blind him; her fearlessness is a beacon in a city rife with terror. Iris, however, is more than what she seems, and reveals a mission to bring down the establishment that has crippled the people of London.

Together, they aim to discover who’s really pulling the strings in Jekyll’s wake, and why citizens are waking up in the street infected, with no memory of ever having taken the Hyde drug…

Heart-eating monsters, it turns out, are not the greatest evil they must face.


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In Another Life by Julie Christine Johnson

25813666 (1)

Genre: Adult Fiction, Historical Fiction, Time Travel, Cultural, Romance

Pages: 368

Published by Sourcebooks Landmark




Historian Lia Carrer has finally returned to southern France, determined to rebuild her life after the death of her husband. But instead of finding solace in the region’s quiet hills and medieval ruins, she falls in love with Raoul, a man whose very existence challenges everything she knows about life–and about her husband’s death. As Raoul reveals the story of his past to Lia, she becomes entangled in the echoes of an ancient murder, resulting in a haunting and suspenseful journey that reminds Lia that the dead may not be as far from us as we think.

Steeped in the rich history and romantic landscape of rural France, In Another Life is a story of love that conquers time and the lost loves that haunt us all.


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The reading queue

Every avid reader has a queue and most readers have a wishlist. I happen to have an outstanding TBR (to be read) pile. I have a tendency to snatch up books left and right either at my local bookstore or when a local library has a book sale. The latter brings me more joy because I know the proceeds are going to the library.


This means my bookshelves are rarely bare and that doesn’t include my eShelves. In case any of you are wondering, I have an Overdrive app for my library borrows, kindle, iBooks and blue fire reader. I cannot list my TBR in total because that would probably be close to 500 books!

but…here are some books that are in my queue. Comment below if you’ve read or want to read any of the mentioned!

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SMPR’s has been launched!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

St. Martin’s Press Romance has launched their new website and it’s both exciting as well as delightful! It’s easy to navigate and with the sign up for Between the Sheets Newsletter just belowit’s a cinch to stay up to date on new, hot releases.


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In addition to their new release, SMPR is inviting everyone to tweet on the 12th of February using the hashtag, #WhyWeLoveLove. Why do you love love? Is it the butterflies, is it the warmth, is it comfort or the rush? Tweet why and be entered into a Sweeps for a chance to win a special prize pack of romance titles from SMPR!

Love on & Read on, my friends!