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Update: Holy pages…

To my readers,

I apologize for the hiatus here! Last year I found myself in a serious book funk. I read a few that I thoroughly enjoyed but couldn’t find my previous passion for devouring pages as I had in 2016.

In conjunction, I finally decided to pursue writing for more than just a hobby. I began writing a short story which led to a few more… long story short, they will be published this year. So yay for that!

I will be returning to book reviews, but not as heavy as I was in years prior to 2017! I’ll be reading and reviewing about 1-2 books a month, that is my goal!

Hope everyone has been enjoying their reads!



Reading Challenges: Update!

Last year completely burned me out for reading, I tackled a challenge to read 150 books. With two children, a house, pets and a few businesses to run – it was a LOT to handle. So, this year I went for 120.

Ugh. Apparently, that is still too much. I fell behind, but I am pulling ahead again. Here are some stats!

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Sequel must reads for 2017!

I believe this year will be a year of the sequels for me. I know I’m going to miss a few but there are sequels that I have on hand that I haven’t and have been meaning to pick up to make it that much further in the series.

I know there are much more that I am missing in this, but as I’m sitting here recounting my entire library I know for a fact these are the ones that are on my sequel shelf.

  1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, I bought this sequel a bit ago and I know I’ll catch a lot of flack for saying that the first was a slow read for me, it took a while for me to get into it and grasp the mood. If you’re curious as to what I mean we can chat about that. 😀
  2. Fire is the second book to the Graceling series, the first book was alright… It wasn’t anything superb in my opinion and left a lot of questions but I heard this one blows the first out of the water. We shall see!
  3. Autumn Bones is the sequel to Dark Currents, and if any of you follow me you know I have a girl crush on Jacqueline Carey and her writing. While this one differs greatly from her Kushiel’s Legacy writing [as well as her latest Miranda and Caliban,] it’s an urban supernatural with detectives and well… I just adored the ghoul in it.. 😀
  4. I JUST finished the Stolen Songbird book in December and it landed in my top 2016 reads… need I say more? I sincerely hope the second book holds up to the first.


Those are my must read sequels that I will be tasking myself with. I know for a fact there are more, especially as sequels come available as ARCs as well as releases.

Happy Reading, guys!

Have you read any of these? Have you wanted to? Or are you still hung up on my HP comment? 😉 Chat below!


Hello my Savvy Readers & Authors!

Every year the blog Authors Talk About It hosts a book award contest and the contest is now open for 2017.

Those who wish to enter receive: 

  • 250-350 word review by their review team which can later on be used on a site/forum you desire.
  • Recognition and promotion if your book receives 3-5 stars.
  • Those who receive less than 3 stars receive in depth critiquing.
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Update: BookTube!

Hello my wonderful followers!


For those of you who don’t know I have recently partaken in a BookTube course hosted by the lovely KM Robinson over at Reading Transforms. As always, I learned quite a bit! Not only did I learn so much through her course about Book Blogging, Instagram and more, I have now added BookTuber to my repertoire, or very nearly!


My first Book Review via my “BookTube” is now on the web, Gilded Cage by Sherry D. Ficklin check it out and be sure to check back frequently!