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Music Monday: Lucas Montgomery from Risen by K.M. Robinson

Yeah, I know! I’m a day late, but better late than never! I haven’t done a playlist in a while, but here we go. Prepare to be sucker punched in the feels.



To find out more about Lucas, check out K.M. Robinson’s books. The conclusion to the duology was released today.

Happy Book Birthday, K.M.!


Check out Jaded | Check out Risen 


Happy Release Day: Where the Lore Resides!

Happy Release Day to the anthology Where The Lore Resides a Young Adult/New Adult fantasy compilation featuring authors:

Ali Winters, Alicia Rades, Alisha Klapheke, Constance Roberts, Megan Linski, Raye Wagner, S.D. Grimm, Lena Hillbrand, T Ariyanna, and Stacey Rourke.


 Do you have what it takes to survive the adventure? 

Enter into hidden realms and journey across fantastic lands where dragons devour, kingdoms rule, and magic goes awry. Dive into Where Lore Resides, an incredible collection of 10 short fantasy stories by USA TODAY Bestsellers and award-winning authors, all of which feature coming-of-age characters.

Zombies devour, witches cast spells, psychics consult with the dead, and djinn grant wishes gone wrong. In this suspenseful, action-packed collection, heroes battle darkness in epic fights against evil. Romance ignites, heroes battle, and love
conquers all. But be careful— there’s danger around every corner, and betrayal is lurking in the shadows.

Includes exclusive content never released before! This bonus content can’t be found anywhere else! Includes both young adult and new adult characters, perfect for teens or college-age readers. 

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Savvy Readers: Relations with Authors

There is an odd divide between reader and writer, through the eyes of a reader I’m going to be discussing things in regard to the gap, how to bridge it and for any authors out there that would like to throw in their two cents go for it! I’m speaking on my behalf and from what I’ve experienced and seen myself.

Make yourself valuable to authors.

I’ve said it before and my quote has been used a few time since then – Authors are like faeries, you need to clap to show them you believe. It is true. Our clapping gives them power! I’m no author, but coming from a blogging standpoint if I write all of these segments, reviews and what not and receive little to no likes or comments it is more than a little disheartening. I put time and effort into my blog and it isn’t just for myself. I do this so other readers and bloggers have someone to relate to, to be informed and create relationships with bookish people.

So imagine you spend hundreds of hours working on this book whether it is traditionally published or Independently published [more so for Indie!] And you receive little to no praise or reviews. Well, that Book Faerie is going to suffer, because they need to hear the clapping, they need to know that someone outside of their close circle believes in them, too, and that they have a place in the difficult world of Book Writing!

So, this is how you can make yourself a valuable reader.

Read the darn book for starters!

When you’re done with the book write a review for them and plaster it on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or any other book buying platform you can think of. Why? Because that is the CLAPPING that they need. This is going to help them achieve a few things, ranking and the ability to place ads. [To find out more about reviews and why they are important click here.]

Clapping from the stands is a good thing to… but, you know what is really awesome?


Between the fans in the stand clapping, hooting and hollering, the cheerleaders who are on the sidelines boost morale, too.

But how are you a cheerleader for an author?

There is this crazy divide between authors and fans, I’ve been on that side where I’ve cheered for an author, plastered them so hard on my Instagram stories, written them and told them how much I enjoyed X and while they chat with me here and there they still seem hesitant to reach out to me when it comes to me helping them.

This goes both ways – you don’t know what someone will say until you approach them.

Do you want to know if you can interview them, interview a character, host a blog tour or any number of things that would help promote the author? Contact them, don’t be shy! This goes for authors, too. Reach out to your fans, or someone you’d think would if not be a fan, an honest reviewer and a way to reach a different audience.

Ask, ask, ask.

Reviewers/Readers aren’t some scary monster!

Are you an author in love with a reviewer and you’d wish they’d snag one of your books, or interview you, or just spam their feed with YOU? Ask them, it isn’t going to hurt. Or better yet start a conversation with them, readers are human too, we aren’t some scary monster. I know sometimes it feels that way – because from a readers stand point it also seems like Authors are untouchable. We are both human and both [generally,] prefer to communicate and interact — especially when you have a few things in common – YOUR BOOK.

I enjoy being contacted by authors who say they not only enjoy reading my interviews but enjoy me because there are a ton of bloggers and reviewers out there, but what makes me stand out to them is my personality. Who doesn’t like hearing they have a great personality?

In short for readers:

  1. Be active in the bookish community
  2. Read & Review books
  3. Be personable
  4. Prove yourself a great cheerleader
  5. Communication

In short for authors: 

  1. Communication.

That’s it. Plain and simple, because what it comes down to is interacting with your fans and readers. This goes beyond your street team or fan club, this is out reaching to whoever may get a hold of your book and raves about it.

Praise those people. Shower them in encouragement, because they LIKE when an author notices them. It’s almost like talking to a celebrity.

Reward them, with praise or with something one on one – a special video, a shout out, advertise their blog for them, send them swag… it really doesn’t have to cost you anything – just time and your consideration.


In closing, reach out to readers and reach out to authors. We’re all in this mad book world together!



Again, this is coming off of my personal experiences, feel free to chat below about anything you disagree with or agree with.

Are you an author and have your opinion? Share.


Currently Reading: June

Well, I don’t know about you but when I read I usually have a few I rotate. I read on my iPad where I have my reading apps, Bluefire Reader, Kindle and Overdrive, but as everyone knows devices have batteries and batteries eventually die! Now, I love, love, love my iPad, because the battery lasts quite long for as much as I read – especially if I’m careful to close background apps and dim the brightness.

That aside, I am one of those readers that has to have a few books going on at the same time, which means I roughly finish 3ish books around the same time. Sometimes more if the spirit moves me to read more – or rather if I feel up to challenging myself.

I’m also partaking in my A-Z Book Savvy challenge, I need to update that, too!

goldencoverCurrently Re-Reading Golden by K.M. Robinson, today is the first day of the Read-A-Long hosted by K.M. Robinson. For those of you who don’t know Golden is a dystopian/fantasy/young adult retelling of Goldlilocks – she is on a mission to take out the Baer family, but she wasn’t counting on Baby Bear – aka Dov Baer to throw a wrench into the mix..

Amazon | Goodreads | Barnes & Noble 

6693 I have seen this movie several times, it is clever [as it should be – foxes and all,] plus highly comical. I have never read the book though and slowly but surely I have been reading Dahl books to my kiddos at night. This is one of them. It helps that there are some fun pictures throughout the story.

Amazon | Goodreads | Barnes & Noble 

35113253I have had the pleasure of reviewing for Indie author Suzanne Rogerson before Visions of Zarua so I was excited with the prospect of reviewing this gem.

I’m not quite into the 1/4 mark, but Rogerson doesn’t disappoint with this fantasy meets spiritual world tale!

Goodreads | Amazon  |

33310247 It should come as no surprise to people that I love cats. I have 3 of them and I’d have more if my husband wasn’t put-him-in-the-hospital kind of allergic and the fact that he allows me to have three is a sign of how much he loves me. Hehe, this being said, when I saw this title available via Curiosity Quills I had to leap for it! Because – vampire cat? Judgy little thing that he is? Plus, I love Tyrolin – she is creepy, weird and well she is my people.

Amazon | Goodreads | Barnes & Noble


6569438 My cousin actually referred this to me. This is not a typical read of mine by any means -gestures to the above books- as you can see, but I like to reach out of my comfort zone and sometimes read something that is thought-provoking. My cousin said it has stayed with her and she read it years ago, so why not? I read the first few pages and I can see why.

It talks about the fundamentals we learn in Kindergarten and really how that is all you really need to know to get on in life – isn’t that true? Interesting read so far!

Amazon | Goodreads | Barnes & Noble


And really, there you have it. That is what I am reading… I am due to read more, but I am in the process of moving and so my books are jumbled and my time is spent. Oh, plus the house has been in quarantine due to a disgusting pre-summer virus!

What are you currently reading? Share your list! [or if your normal…share the book! ;)]