Review: Warriors of wing and flame by sara b. larson

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance

Pages: 368
Publication: October 27th, 2020

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In Warriors of Wing and Flame, the spellbinding sequel to Sisters of Shadow and Light, acclaimed author Sara B. Larson continues her timeless tale of the bond between two sisters and the powerful magic that threatens to tear them apart forever.

The doorway between the magical world of the Paladin and the human world where sisters Zuhra and Inara grew up in isolation is open once more. But the joyous reunion with their Paladin father is shattered when a treacherous sorcerer attacks Inara, stealing her power for himself. Now nearly invincible and determined to rule over both Paladin and human alike, he will let nothing stand in his way.

Armed only with the power of love, courage, and sacrifice, two sisters must bridge the divide between worlds to confront the unspeakable evil that threatens to destroy everything―and everyone―they love.


My Thoughts

Phew. I’ve been waiting for this book! I finally read it, and here we go… The finale.

The sequel picks up much where the cliffhanger leaves off in the first book. I noticed this time around it was harder for me to distinguish between the sisters, Zuhra and Inara. This made for confusing reading at times, and I’d have to break to turn back a few pages to remind myself who it was. Maybe it’s because Inara grew so much that she resembled her older sister. Nevertheless, it was confuddling at times.

Plus side, the numerous side characters that were introduced in the first book are fleshed out more in the sequel and this made me happy. There is a point in the book with Loukas that I squealed over and that’s all I’m saying.

Plot wise, it was enjoyable but it really felt as though it were treading water until the end. The conclusion surprised me, I wasn’t sure if that was truly it or a trick, but it was the final battle and it felt a little lackluster to me. All the steam building up just to let out a little toot…

All in all, I enjoyed it. A solid 3. But for a finale it left me wanting a little more.

Are you close with your sibling(s)?

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