Review: Tin by Candace Robinson & Amber R. Duell

Genre: Fantasy New Adult, Retelling

Pages: 480
Publication Date: December 9th, 2020
Publisher: Midnight Tide Publishing

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Tin is the most famous fae in Oz for all the wrong reasons. Cursed with a stone heart, he is the perfect assassin: ruthless, efficient, and merciless with thousands of kills to his name. When his old friend, Lion, offers him a small fortune to deliver Dorothy to the South for his lover to wear the girl’s head as her own, Tin doesn’t hesitate to accept the unsavory deal.

Dorothy Gale lost everything—her family to illness, her dog to age, and now her farm to foreclosure. The entire town thought she was crazy for believing in a faerie world called Oz, but even after ten years have passed, she can’t help knowing she was right. So when an emerald green portal opens in her wheat field, she jumps at the opportunity to return to the only place she ever felt like she belonged.

Tin wasn’t expecting a grown woman to step through the portal, just as Dorothy wasn’t expecting Tin to have his stone heart back, but Oz holds more unexpected things than either could have imagined. Magic has hidden dangerous lies behind glamour, trapped innocents in curses, and left the land of Oz in turmoil—none more so than the South. As Tin and Dorothy travel together for the second time in a decade, their lives begin to make sense again. Soon, they must decide who to give their loyalties to before Lion takes Dorothy’s head and Tin’s cursed heart is forever doomed.


My Thoughts

Dark, gritty, and imaginative! A primal Oz like you’ve never seen before.

Dorothy Gale’s life hasn’t been the same since returning from Oz. Everyone assumes she’s insane for talking about the Emerald City, but Dorothy knows the truth. Ten years later, Dorothy is struggling to keep the family farm afloat, but when the bank shows up, she wishes she were back in Oz. LO AND BEHOLD! A portal opens…

Hooked yet? I was!

After stepping through the portal, things really pick up in the book. Massive world-building takes place to ensure we believe this truly is Oz, but not like the one we [or even Dorothy], remembers. Robinson & Duell effortlessly painted a vivid, decaying world in a way that was quite hauntingly beautiful! Tim Burton springs to mind with some of their eerie creations such as Wheelers [disfigured/distorted beings who have wheels for hands and feet, plus their mouths are sewn shut!] Honestly, the world aspect was eerily wonderful, verging on an almost horror-like setting.

Dorothy starts off as a naïve character that continuously makes poor decisions, but I’ll say she develops into a powerful character. One that we can see blossom right before our eyes! She isn’t the only familiar character that sweeps onto the scene, we see Tin, Lion, and Crow!

Tin’s life changed just like Dorothy’s, except instead of a farmer–or even a smiling face–he’s now the kingdom’s fiercest assassin. Blood stains his hands and iron scars his face. I adored him so much. He’s grumbly, takes no crap, and is a force to be reckoned with. Watching him interact with his mark, Dorothy, was really the highlight of the book for me NOT GONNA LIE HERE… -smooshes them together-

There are so many twists and turns, some I didn’t see coming and phewwww…the last three quarters of the book flew by for me. I already want the second book in my hands [looking at you authors!]

Overall, I highly recommend this read for those looking for a true New Adult Dark Fantasy! There is romance in it, action, betrayal, gore, creepy creatures, and so many wonderful things about this book!

Five Savvy Crowns!

For fans of Splintered by A.G. Howard, A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas, and Evil Queen by Gena Showalter

Do you prefer fae or humans?


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