JULY 2020 Wrap up!


I’m fairly proud of myself for reading as much as I did, because outside of my hobby, life is insane! I’m happy to be back into devouring words.

In July, I read quite a few books, including some beta-reading and previews.

In order of reading:


  1. Sit With Me While I’m Mad by Milly Thiringer – 5 savvy crowns + review to come
  2. Darkness Whispered by Amber R. Duell – 4 savvy crowns + review to come
  3. The Court of Miracles by Kester Grant – 2 savvy crowns + review HERE
  4. Dread Nation by Justina Ireland – 3 savvy crowns + review HERE
  5. Trick by Natalia Jaster – 4 savvy crowns + review to come
  6. Lore [preview] by Alexandra Bracken – 4 savvy crowns + no review until complete book is read.


How was your month of reading? How many did you consume and have you read any of the above? Share below!

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