Review: Midnight by Melanie Gilbert


Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Retelling

Pages: 260

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If you were thrown into a war between a Fae clan and a witch coven, would you be able to uncover the truth before the stroke of Midnight?

Nova Kramer blames herself for the death of her mother and sister—so does her father. When he moves them to Danville City to escape the reminders of what they lost, Nova is thrown right back into a world full of anxiety when their new neighbor, Stella, and her twin brothers make it their mission to bring Nova to her knees—after all, they know her secret—and blackmail is just the start.

Kent Danville and his brothers have a secret, too—their clan is working to take down a coven of witches and find the other five clans of Fae, but when Nova walks into his life, the Fae can’t seem to stop thinking about her. He can’t risk falling for the new girl—he has a soulmate out there somewhere, and a mission to complete…if the coven doesn’t kill him first.

A war is brewing between the coven and the clan—each side a little less human than the other—and Nova may get caught in the crossfire if she can’t discover the truth before the clock strikes Midnight.

Can your heart handle this magical shifter retelling of Cinderella and Prince Charming? Read now to find out!

Perfect for fans of Casey L. Bond, K.M. Robinson, and Chanda Hahn.


My Thoughts

-hangs head in shame-
I was so sidetracked by life, I didn’t get around to finishing this until now!


If you’re a fan of loose retellings, quick chapters, contemporary fantasy, or just want to dip your toes into fantasy reads, this book is for you.

Told in the first-person perspective, we’re able to see three different characters’ perspectives, focusing on Nova, Kent, and Stella. This makes for quick page flipping, especially since you’ll want to see what is next. The plot is loosely based on Cinderella, so throughout the book were little nuggets and nods to the original fairytale, but Melanie Gilbert truly told her own story. Fae-shifters, witches, mages, and Destinies.

It was a solid read with relatable characters, and characters you really wanted to hate with every fiber of your being.

What’s on your TBR list for May?

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