Currently Reading: November Update

Holy pages! I’ve been insanely busy this year with all wonderful things and I’ve tried to keep BSR as active as I possibly can [and up to date] with things that I’ve read. Honestly, this year has been an all time low as far as reading goes, but I’m still pleased that I’ve at least read 20 books out of 25 for my Goodreads challenge.

I’m *STILL* catching up on some things I owe reviews for, and I’m sorry that it’s taken me a little bit but I promise I’m getting to you.

So, here is an update and I’ll show you what you can expect to see from me as far as reviews go!

the-hysterical-cityI’m halfway done with this book and I’m happy to be back in this world again. Berthot’s characters are so real and witty. Plus each of their stories is fairly heart wrenching. If you haven’t read this series yet do yourself a favor and grab book 1!

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nightbloodI love this series so much and I’m so mad that my life has gotten in the way, forced me into a slump, and left me unable to finish this book. It’s been glaring at me from my nightstand for a while. I’m halfway done with this book argh, I just need to pick it up again!

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I adore J.M. Sullivan and while I’m not a huge fan of space themed books because I *am* a fan of J.M. I totally trusted where she was going with this Peter Pan retelling…in space.. you heard me right. It’s so unique and I’m about 3/4 of the way done with it. Love it.


Peter. Pan. In. Space. K?

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I have a few books in queue for reading, too, and I’ll be picking those up ASAP! I need to finish this year strong.

What are you currently reading? Share your list! [or if your normal…share the book! ;)]


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