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It’s been a while hasn’t it? Well, I’ve had a few adventures take off and I’m happy with that, but with those adventures I’ve certainly found my reading time slowing down but not completely halting- so there is that at least!

I fell behind on reviewing things so please be patient with me as I catch up and reorder my life, as well as introduce some spiffy things to this blog again. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, here is an update and I’ll show you what you can expect to see from me as far as reviews go!

the-hysterical-cityI have loved each book in the series thus far and now I’m diving into The Hysterical City which focuses on Bonnie. I am *so* happy to be reading this because not only is the world that she created fantastic, the characters are also wonderful and well-developed with some potential to grow even more.

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34357122After I finished up He’s Agent series I was missing Carey’s writing something fierce… even more so I was pining for something similar to Kushiel’s Legacy, so of course I was beyond excited to learn that this was coming out this year…and I’ve been waiting half a year for it!

This happens to be my July buddy read with a friend and I’m at the 20% mark and while it’s slow going so far I have hope it’ll blow me out of the water.


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28245707This was supposed to be a buddy read in June and I started reading it only to wind up reading it by myself. I’ve been taking it slowly as other projects have popped up and required more attention. The premise interested me and one of the characters [Taylor] who has severe anxiety really resonates with me as someone who also has bad anxiety.

Definitely worth picking up and I’ll eventually be able to dive in and devour this!

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I adore J.M. Sullivan and while I’m not a huge fan of space themed books because I *am* a fan of J.M. I totally trusted where she was going with this Peter Pan retelling…in space.. you heard me right. It’s so unique and I’m about 3/4 of the way done with it. Love it.


Peter. Pan. In. Space. K?

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So, that’s about what I’m currently reading and all of them are at various stages of being finished so look for these reviews to come!

What are you currently reading? Share your list! [or if your normal…share the book! ;)]


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