Of The Deep Mermaid Anthology by K.M. Robinson, Amber R. Duell, E.J. Hagadorn and Elle Beaumont

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Pages: 197

Published June 12th by Crescent Sea Publishing

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From the land above and the sea below…

A collection of vivid YA mermaid tales await you in the depths of these pages in this six-story collection from Crescent Sea Publishing.

merman and his brother are tasked with protecting what belongs to their people and failure is not an option. Two teens attempt to find a mermaid off the coast of Massachusetts before poachers do. A young woman finds herself amidst an eerie seaside hut and is drawn back to it. A family is torn apart by one teen mermaid’s selfish desires and puts an entire kingdom at risk. When two seventeen-year-olds witness their Prince threaten an infamous sea-witch, they have no idea how soon all of their lives will be intertwined, and what secrets lay in the depths. While working in an antique shop, a young woman is turned into a mermaid to end an evil curse against the mer prince in a twisted retelling of the classic tale.

From adventure to thriller, to urban fantasy, this collection features stories from bestselling YA authors as well as emerging voices, this anthology will take you deep into the heart of the sea.

This six-story anthology includes tales by Amber R. Duell, E.J. Hagadorn, Elle Beaumont, and K.M. Robinson and the printed book includes artwork by a number of talented artists that created mermaid pieces, some of which are inspired by the stories from the anthology.


My Thoughts

In a time where mermaids are the IN thing, this anthology came out at the perfect time.

Each story was unique and while I don’t have a favorite I’d have to say the one that stood out the most would be Bloodscales by Amber R. Duell. All of them were different, two of which took place in the same kingdom but centuries apart.

As a whole this was a charming collection.

If you’re looking for some new takes on mermaids and some stories you might know… check this one out.

What is your favorite Mermaid book? Share below.


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