Character Interview: Phoenyx Blake from Ignite

‘Tis the season to be jolly, Fa-la-la-la-laaaa! Introducing Sissy Lu’s first festive Character Interview, featuring PHOENYX  BLAKE from Ignite by Tricia Barr. Grab a cup of eggnog or some wassail, but beware the mistletoe!

Phoenyx, give us some small deets below!

Full name: Phoenyx Blake
Age: 19
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Cookie: Chocolate chip, of course
Favorite Hot Beverage: Hot chocolate with whip cream!

1. Why don’t you introduce yourself! Tell us who you are and what you do.

I am Phoenyx Blake, currently a college freshman at UCLA. A few weeks before the school year started, I was kidnapped by a cult that wanted to sacrifice me and three other teenagers for powers none of us knew we had. As it turned out, we are The Bound Ones (four people who are bound by the elements and doomed to reincarnate forever to keep the elements trapped). Apparently, I’m Fire. With the help of Skylar, Lily, and Sebastian, the other three prisoners, I escaped. Now I’m shacking up with Sebastian—he’s Water, and we are a steamy combination *wink*.

2. What is your favorite thing to eat around the holidays?

My mom makes delicious Hello Dolly Bars—coconut and chocolate chips on a graham cracker crust. I could eat them until I get sick!

3. What is on the top of your Wishlist this year?

More alone time with Sebastian.

4. If you’re expected at a party are you usually on time or fashionably late?

Fashionably late. I like to make an entrance, and as the living essence of passion, I can’t really help it.

5. What is your fondest memory surrounding the holiday season?

One year my father dressed up as Santa and came down the chimney to surprise me. But his beard got stuck in the mantel and came off. We all just laughed. I miss him the most around Christmas. He died in a house fire when I was 6. I have only just come to grips with the fact that I was the one who caused that fire by accident…

6. Are you a fan of eggnog or no?


7. There is mistletoe hanging in the doorway… are you going to kiss the person beside you or not?

Absolutely! But my heart belongs to Sebastian..

8. It’s snowing outside, are you out there playing in it or refusing to step foot outside until the season turns?

Cold and wet!? Forget it. Take me some place warm and sunny, please, I beg you!

9. If you could ask for ANYTHING for Christmas, what would it be and why?

To have my father back.

10. What kind of shopper are you? Do you plan ahead of time or do you rush in a last-minute effort?

I pretty much shop all year round, buying something when I realize it would make the perfect gift for someone I care about.

11. Did you ever believe in Santa? If so, how old were you when you stopped believing?

Santa isn’t real??? What!…Hehe just kidding ;P

12. Who in your immediate circle is most likely to go caroling?

Lily. She’s the sweetest person in the world, and she loves this time of year. And probably Sebastian, who can’t help but showboat when he gets the chance.

13. If you could cast your acquaintances [including yourself,] in Scrooge, who would play what roles?

Skylar would be Scrooge, I could definitely hear him saying Bah Humbug. Sebastian would be Jacob Marley, his partner in crime. I would probably be Belle, the beautiful heartbreaker. And Lily would be Tiny Tim—sorry, Lil!

14. What is your New Year’s Resolution?

To finally be done with the Four Corners, the cult that hunts us.

15. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

Unearth, the epic conclusion to the first part of my Bound Ones series is coming out December 1st! Get on Tricia Barr’s email list to be the first to get the details. It has an ending that you won’t see coming, but you didn’t hear it from me 😉

Ho Ho Ho, did you know all of that about Phoenyx? Bet you didn’t. Be sure to check out the author’s page as well as social media to ensure you are up to date on Phoenyx and the rest of the crew!

Fantastic answers! Thanks so much, Tricia, where can readers find more about you and your books?

51ZHI8-TbGL._UX250_About the Author: By day, Tricia is a full time mom to two beautiful toddler girls and a wife/business partner to a handsome hard-working husband. By night–and nap times–she writes unique and thrilling young adult fantasies inspired by her vivid, somewhat creepy dreams and her own adventures around the world.


   Website | Twitter | Amazon | Facebook


Four strangers. Four powerful elements. To survive a ruthless cult, they’ll have to work together… or die alone…

Phoenyx Blake has just woken up in captivity, but she’s not the only one. The mysterious dungeon holds three other teens who were just as surprised to be imprisoned as she was. Phoenyx and the others discover that they were abducted because their souls are eternally bound by the ancient elemental powers of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. And their captors have no plans on letting them live through the next solar storm…

But as they consider their circumstances, Phoenyx discovers that her fiery abilities connect her in a timeless courtship dance with Sebastian, a fellow prisoner and a water elemental. Their souls have fallen in love generation after generation. And she can’t help but feel drawn to him in this lifetime as well…

To discover the truth behind their abilities, Phoenyx and the others must escape the dungeon before the cultists can begin a terrifying ritual sacrifice. If Phoenyx can’t master her powers and face up to a painful secret, then they’ll all pay with both their lives and their souls…

Ignite is the sizzling first book in The Bound Ones, a series of YA urban fantasy novels. If you like supercharged action, timeless romance, and unbreakable friendships, then you’ll love Tricia Barr’s fiery series.

Amazon | Shelf it on Goodreads


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