Character Interview: Callie Winters from Song Walker

‘Tis the season to be jolly, Fa-la-la-la-laaaa! Introducing Sissy Lu’s first festive Character Interview, featuring CALLIE WINTERS from Song Walker by Ellis Logan. Grab a cup of eggnog or some wassail, but beware the mistletoe!

So, Callie, give us some small deets below!

Full name: Callie Winters
Age: 28
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Cookie: White chocolate with apricots
Favorite Hot Beverage: Hot chocolate

1. Why don’t you introduce yourself! Tell us who you are and what you do.

Hey there. I’m the drummer for Molten Requiem, you might have heard of us since we recently wrapped up a big indie tour with some other punk rock bands. Usually, we stick to smaller gigs in my hometown of Los Angeles. You can find download some of my own music on BandShare, too, mostly electronica and alternative stuff. Recently, I started moonlighting with the Gregors, an international organization that helps keep the world safe from starseeds gone bad. I’m a starseed, too, descended from some of those ancient aliens they like to talk about on the History Channel. Don’t worry, I promise, I’m just like you… with a few side benefits like astral travel and reading minds. I’m still working on controlling my own powers though.

2. What is your favorite thing to eat around the holidays?

Um, everything? Seriously, playing in a band four nights a week burns a lot of calories. We always do holidays at Kate’s. Everything my foster mom cooks is great, but you’ll never see me turn down a slice of pizza or a free beer from the bar.

3. What is on the top of your Wishlist this year?

There’s a really sweet pair of deep purple leather pants on Melrose that I’ve been eyeing all month. One more gig and they’re mine.

4. If you’re expected at a party are you usually on time or fashionably late?

Depends on if I’m playing at the party, or just a guest. I’m always on time for gigs – Nick, our frontman, won’t tolerate anything else. But I’m late for everything else.

5. What is your fondest memory surrounding the holiday season?

The first Christmas I had at Kate’s. I’d never gotten real present before, just secondhand toys in paper bags or whatever. Kate’s were wrapped with foil and bows and everything. The toys were just, you know, regular toys, but for me that day… well, they were everything.

6. Are you a fan of eggnog or no?

No please, just no.

7. There is mistletoe hanging in the doorway… are you going to kiss the person beside you or not?

Of course! Unless it’s a warper, one of those bad starseeds I told you mentioned earlier. Then all they’ll get is a stomp to the instep and a drumstick to the face.

8. It’s snowing outside, are you out there playing in it or refusing to step foot outside until the season turns?

Can you believe I still haven’t ever seen snow? I’m a California girl through and through. My boyfriend has promised to take me to Big Bear this year, so I guess we’ll find out! Hopefully snowboarding isn’t too different from surfing.

9. If you could ask for ANYTHING for Christmas, what would it be and why?

My dad. He died when I was just a baby, so, you know…

10. What kind of shopper are you? Do you plan ahead of time or do you rush in a last-minute effort?

Planning? I have no idea what you are talking about. Outside of chords and tempos, I can’t plan anything. I like to spend one day going all out, hitting all my favorite small shops in Los Feliz. and Melrose. The right gifts always find me.

11. Did you ever believe in Santa? If so, how old were you when you stopped believing?

Kate was my fairytale. She’s the only thing I ever believed in.

12. Tell us one of your favorite stories that revolves around this season.

I love A Christmas Carol. All those ghosts, the traveling through time. It’s a lot like the astral dreamwork I do for the Gregors, except I rescue lost spirits instead of the other way around.

13. Who in your immediate circle is most likely to go caroling?

Cliff, definitely Cliff. He’s such a drama queen. He has a special caroling scarf and everything.

14. If you could cast your acquaintances [including yourself,] in Scrooge, who would play what roles?

Well, I guess I would be the ghost of Christmas Past, since that’s kind of where I go to help lost souls. Nick would be Cratchitt and Jax, Tiny Tim – he’s always happy. Kate is Christmas Present, of course, since she is the kindest person I know. Ethan would totally be Christmas Yet to Come, because he’s my future. Oh no, was that too corny. I probably shouldn’t have said that. (blushing)

15. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

No, I think that’s it. Oh wait! Nick and Jax would kill me if I didn’t plug the band. Stop by The Hammer next time you’re in town, we play every Thursday night. Merry Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho, did you know all of that about Callie? Bet you didn’t. Be sure to check out the author’s page as well as social media to ensure you are up to date on Callie and the rest of the crew!

Fantastic answers! Thanks so much, Ellis, where can readers find more about you and your books?

About Ellis Logan: Ellis Logan lives a quiet life in New England, obsessing daily over superheros and the gods of old. She spends her days corralling wild children and communing with fairies. When everyone is settled down and the owls begin to sing, you’ll find her typing away and munching on dark chocolate while unseen spirits whisper stories in her ear.


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Will you fight to free your mind?
There’s a new world coming. One where your thoughts aren’t always your own. Callie Winters is just a regular party girl playing drums in a band, until a lunar eclipse awakens strange abilities in her and an ancient secret organization seeks her out. Who can she trust, in this dangerous new world? A war is brewing and no one will be safe. But maybe, the power of song can light the way to freedom.

Best-selling author Ellis Logan delves deep into the world of urban fantasy with her new psyops series, Starseeds.

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