Reading Challenges: Update!

Last year completely burned me out for reading, I tackled a challenge to read 150 books. With two children, a house, pets and a few businesses to run – it was a LOT to handle. So, this year I went for 120.

Ugh. Apparently, that is still too much. I fell behind, but I am pulling ahead again. Here are some stats!

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 5.00.20 PMGoodreads Challenge:

I know what you’re thinking. “Dear heavens, Sissy! How on earth will you catch up!? Well, truth be told is.. this is doable. I started numerous books that I need to finish, plus there are Audiobooks waiting to be checked out!

Consider this, just a few days ago it was 23 books behind, so 18 really isn’t that bad!

So if you have any short story recommendations, pass them along. 😉

a-zreading2017A-Z Challenge:

Also, remember the time I decided to throw a challenge on top of a challenge? This was so that I could tackle my personal library and polish off some unreads books. I shamefully have more unread books than what I do read ones. Hence this challenge – however, I seemed to have failed miserably. This here is my last update which still remains the same, we will see if I am able to tackle anything more on it by the end of the year.

If not? Well, next year’s bookish resolution? Perhaps!

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 5.08.39 PMSequel Challenge:

Yeah, you’re reading this right… Another challenge!

This was one I had intended to polish off some series or at least get a bit further into them. I actually did quite well with this challenge so far and the year isn’t over yet.

I was able to read:

Not only did I read these two [which are both sequels,] I was able to finish up both series by reading the third book. I consider that an accomplishment.

The following books are still on my ASAP TBR pile:

Friend Challenge: 

I don’t have a pretty graphic for this one, but I had a few reads with my friends this year and one of them I opted to set a reading goal with her – we failed miserably at that.

But we DID get to read these amazing books:

And that is it for now!

I’ll post an update before the year is over.. see you in a few weeks!

So, what have you read lately? Do you have any challenges? What is the most you’ve read in a year? Share below.




      1. My goal was 104 and I just started 116 today. My goal will start at a book a week and should I meet that I will up it to two per week..


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