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Well, I don’t know about you but when I read I usually have a few I rotate. I read on my iPad where I have my reading apps, Bluefire Reader, Kindle and Overdrive, but as everyone knows devices have batteries and batteries eventually die! Now, I love, love, love my iPad, because the battery lasts quite long for as much as I read – especially if I’m careful to close background apps and dim the brightness.

That aside, I am one of those readers that has to have a few books going on at the same time, which means I roughly finish 3ish books around the same time. Sometimes more if the spirit moves me to read more – or rather if I feel up to challenging myself.

I’m also partaking in my A-Z Book Savvy challenge, I need to update that, too!

goldencoverCurrently Re-Reading Golden by K.M. Robinson, today is the first day of the Read-A-Long hosted by K.M. Robinson. For those of you who don’t know Golden is a dystopian/fantasy/young adult retelling of Goldlilocks – she is on a mission to take out the Baer family, but she wasn’t counting on Baby Bear – aka Dov Baer to throw a wrench into the mix..

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6693 I have seen this movie several times, it is clever [as it should be – foxes and all,] plus highly comical. I have never read the book though and slowly but surely I have been reading Dahl books to my kiddos at night. This is one of them. It helps that there are some fun pictures throughout the story.

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35113253I have had the pleasure of reviewing for Indie author Suzanne Rogerson before Visions of Zarua so I was excited with the prospect of reviewing this gem.

I’m not quite into the 1/4 mark, but Rogerson doesn’t disappoint with this fantasy meets spiritual world tale!

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33310247 It should come as no surprise to people that I love cats. I have 3 of them and I’d have more if my husband wasn’t put-him-in-the-hospital kind of allergic and the fact that he allows me to have three is a sign of how much he loves me. Hehe, this being said, when I saw this title available via Curiosity Quills I had to leap for it! Because – vampire cat? Judgy little thing that he is? Plus, I love Tyrolin – she is creepy, weird and well she is my people.

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6569438 My cousin actually referred this to me. This is not a typical read of mine by any means -gestures to the above books- as you can see, but I like to reach out of my comfort zone and sometimes read something that is thought-provoking. My cousin said it has stayed with her and she read it years ago, so why not? I read the first few pages and I can see why.

It talks about the fundamentals we learn in Kindergarten and really how that is all you really need to know to get on in life – isn’t that true? Interesting read so far!

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And really, there you have it. That is what I am reading… I am due to read more, but I am in the process of moving and so my books are jumbled and my time is spent. Oh, plus the house has been in quarantine due to a disgusting pre-summer virus!

What are you currently reading? Share your list! [or if your normal…share the book! ;)]



  1. I need to read Golden! That looks awesome! I’m currently reading a Christmas book for “Christmas in July” I always read/plan out for a month ahead because I’m crazy that way 😀

    I’m not enjoying it though. I’m tempted to lay it down and pick up a different Christmas book.

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      1. My mom quilts so a book revolving around quilts felt like a cozy choice. These characters are just blah so far. I am a speed reader and it has taken me two days to read 38 pages 😳

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh man, that’s no good. I hear you on speed reading, so you -know- when it’s going to work or not. If it takes me that long to get into a book I usually dump it because I have such an insane list of books to read. As I’m sure you do as well.

        How lovely that she quilts though! I have a friend who quilts and it just amazes me.

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