A-Z Reading Challenge: 2017

We ALL have those books that we have been meaning to read or maybe that have been sitting on our shelves for weeks, months and maybe even years! Which makes the following reading challenge something to consider for yourself!

The A-Z Reading Challenge is pretty straight forward, or at least the rendition that I’m doing is!

Step one: Select your titles from A-Z – while not EVERYONE under the sun is like me and has titles that cover nearly all the letters of the alphabet… I did have to actually search a few lists for titles that started with X, Y, and Z. I’ve even purchased them for this specific challenge.

Step Two: Commit to reading.

Step Three: Realize that you have just signed yourself up to read 26 books and give yourself a pat on the back!


For those who are new to reading challenges, this is a great way to introduce one into your life, and also a fun thing to do! It’s also [for me,] a great way to clean up my shelves and show me what I’m willing to part with!

Since I read ARCs I will be trying to introduce half & half to my reading schedule in conjunction with my Goodreads challenge of 120 books, this should go smoothly, right?!

Look for this challenge on Facebook #booksavvyAZ and Instagram #booksavvyAZ

Are you going to be joining in on the challenge? Comment below! Let’s hold each other accountable!



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