A Puppy’s Dream comes true by Lisa Barbernell-Plier

32503199Genre: Children’s fiction, picture book

Pages: 20ish

Published: April 11th 2017 by Greenleaf Book Group Press

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A brave puppy begins a fairytale life with her new family.

Meet BabyDoll, a Maltese puppy who is adopted by her human parents, Lisa and Donald. This charming introductory story will make children and parents alike smile as BabyDoll explores her new surroundings, travels around the world, and has her tail highlighted pink. She even helps her humans in designing shoes! This happy tale ends with a surprise—what will happen to BabyDoll next?

This introductory book is the first in the BabyDoll’s Adventures series, enchanting children and parents alike with the amazing adventures of the adorable—and furry—new member of the Pliner family.


My Thoughts

This story follows Babydoll a Maltese puppy and her new family, The Pliners. It’s based on the real story surrounding the Pliner family and their newly acquired dog. It shows us how she adapted to her new life and came to trust her new ‘parents’ and eventually a new member of the family as the series continues on

I read this to my daughter and she loves the illustrations, she even took to repeating the story after me. So it’s easy to follow for even a two year old. Are there lessons to be learned? Well, a family comes in all types of ways and to open yourself up to trust, too. Aside from that, it’s just kind of a cute read.

As Babydoll learns to trust her new family, she becomes a star, allowed to walk the red carpet and model alongside her family’s designs. Altogether it is an adorable read and something cute for a little one to engage with whether it is listening or learning to read.

Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read & review for free. It by no means influences my review.I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

What has been a favorite children’s book that you have read recently? Share below.


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