Savvy Readers: Crossing genre divides

Everyone has their favorite genre, but here is a question [or two,] how often do you cross the divide or do you have a difficult time stepping outside of your comfort zone?

My favorite genre is fantasy.

If you read my reviews it should come as no surprise that my favorite genre is fantasy and that I enjoy the many aspects the genre has to offer. It allows for beautiful worlds to be created, placing characters in situations that would never be feasible in our reality, creating entirely new thoughts, laws and orders – it is what intrigues me the most.

However, I read nearly everything under the sun.

  • Historical Romance
  • Historical Fiction
  • Contemporary
  • Thriller/Suspense/Mystery

I think you get the picture! I like to read, but how did a gal like me who was so stuck on Fantasy decide to branch out? I had to find a common element in the books I was reading. This sounds simple enough, but my sister has always been a contemporary girl – unless you count Howliday Inn, Bunnicula, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe….  That’s her schtick, she likes it and I’ve tried to convince her to give in to the dark side, but Contemporary is her gig.

But, take a step back and look at the books you like, what exactly is it you like about it? Do you like Regency Romance? Because it could open the door to Anne Perry’s Charlotte & Thomas Pitt series which is a mystery with a touch of romance and takes place during the Victorian era. Do you like Contemporary YA? You might be interested in the Vampire Queen series by Rebecca Maizel or even The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles. Both have a fantasy/supernatural vibe but take place during the present day.

Are you content with what you read? Then that’s fine!  But sometimes I get bored with certain genres, the tropes they offer and need some refreshing. So I circle around to something that will refresh me, something outside of my typical. For instance – I just read Confess by Colleen Hoover, it’s a contemporary romance which is usually not my thing but Colleen Hoover has a way of ensnaring me with her complex characters which is something that I enjoy. I DO like romance, I DO like complex characters and stories, so it works for me.

The most important thing of all is just to read! But if you’re finding yourself burnt out… don’t be shy to ask for recommendations via Goodreads, or some trustworthy reviewers out there. We’re always willing to lay out our recs!

What are your favorite genres? Or do you just have one. Share below!


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