Dominic’s Nemesis by D. Alyce Domain

Genre: Gothic, Supernatural, Romance

Pages: 364

 Publication Date: January 4th 2016 by D. Alyce Domain

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When Tortured Souls Collide…

In an unforgiving society where the hint of madness is all the damning proof men need, Dominic struggles to live a peaceful life, away from prying eyes, and damning innuendo. Gifted with uncanny abilities, yet also cursed with the taint of madness, Dominic must walk a fine line. After the horror of his past, his fractured soul is safe only in solitude…until one day, his refuge is irrevocably breached by an ethereal beauty haunted by demons of her own. Dominic is torn between protecting himself and his brothers from exposure and persecution and following the desires of his heart…


My Thoughts

This was a really quick read and one I found myself intrigued with from the get go.

Dominic Ambrosi is gifted with the ability to shimmer to the astral realm, which means he’s able to teleport in a way and when he’s in the astral realm he can see a person’s essence, he’s a tortured individual with a nightmarish past but when an unsuspecting young woman stumbles onto his property and nearly drowns, Eden Prescott comes into not only his life but those that surround Dominic’s.

Strange things begin to occur almost at once and questions begin to surface. This is where I began to grow intrigued and yet at the same time as the book progressed I was also frustrated because I didn’t feel as though I was gaining any insight. We were in the dark as much as the characters and while some may be alright with that it just served to frustrate me some.

Some articles were not explained enough but there are strings of pieces here and there that make it easy to put it together, still, the lack of explanation did take away from the world aspect.

For the most part it is a character driven story – about these two individuals, and later on, it tests Eden and Dominic, when her sanity is questioned and it causes them to grow. The most frustrating part for me was that he was so quick to declare Eden insane [yet still love and care for her,] but he could not accept that she was something special. I found that a little unbelievable that there are adepts in the world but Eden couldn’t have possibly been considered one…

There was also the back story about the Asylum that seemed to be haphazardly strewn into the story that I didn’t quite understand the relevance of outside of the fact they considered Eden insane for a time.

Altogether it was a fascinating, quick read. 3.5 savvy crowns!

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