Savvy Readers: Making it hard on authors

Readers are smart,  we’ve only become smarter as time goes on. Why? Well, between movies and new ideas rolling out that we devour rapidly, we’ve progressed which is fantastic but also presents a trying time for authors to come out with a new idea. Something that doesn’t have readers rolling their eyes, sighing or going been here, read this. So, authors have a great challenge trying to come out with brand new ideas that jive. Right?

The pressure is on for new, relevant and captivating stories.

We all have our favorite genres and within those genres, we all have our favorite book[s]! However, as time has gone on and more books have been produced, more new stories have come out and these ‘fresh’ ideas are born, readers have become critical! They are demanding more new themes, more original ideas, more and more and more!

Which is understandable.

Readers are smart, we are! We’ve fed our brains countless stories and there is always that new something that is in high demand, but soon all the ideas will eventually be recycled which makes this quite hard on authors…

As a reviewer, I have noticed how fellow reviewers will cut down a book due to its lack of originality, but there is a difference – a fine line between the Hunger Games and the Hunger Pains. There is mimicry and then there is creating something and breathing a life into it. Easy enough for me to say when I’m not the one writing a story, right right, I know you authors are eye-balling me. Trust me, I’m on your side! Just hear me out.

It is no easy task to do that, to breathe a life into a world, to make the mechanics, laws, and patrons seem real. Sometimes it only takes one try and sometimes it takes countless others. That is the craft that can turn a recycled or half recycled idea into something extravagant.

I’ve read many stories in my two years reviewing and I’ve read some that had promise, I’ve read some that have recycled tropes. Those tropes make it difficult for readers [not all because some actually like reading these tropes! to each their own…] to settle into the story because of:

Love Triangle

Instant Love

The Jerk Alpha

The Sarcastic Loser

The Unlikely Hero

The list really could go on, but my issue always is this when people begin to sound off about Tropes. What happens when you take away ALL of those tropes? Either new ones are made and those become tiresome or you take away chunks of plots altogether. So really, what I’ve found out personally is that there are right and wrong ways to weave these tropes and characters or plots into a book. Easier said than done, I know, I KNOW. I’m just speaking from a readers standpoint.

So what is that new way? You tell me. I’ve read a few interesting ways to resolve some tropes and I have no problem listing those. [Ask me in the comments!]

In closing, really this discussion, rambling or what have you is about being kind to authors. We’re greedy, us readers, we always want more, want something else to stimulate our ever growing imagination and minds, but we have to be kind to our authors. There are some brilliant writers on the rise, you know who you are! But we have to be patient, too, they are learning as well.

There will always be a book and a genre for everyone. We all have our guilty pleasures, too.

Mine just happens to be dark hair, light eyes, dry with a cutting wit and always falls for the witty female. 😉

Are you an author and have your opinion? Share. Curious as to what my list of interesting tropes are? Ask below!


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