All That Glitters by Sherry D. Ficklin

 Historical Fiction, Novella

Pages: 39

Expected publication: February 14th 2017 by Spark Serials

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A dame with brains, moxie, and killer curves, June West isn’t your average flapper. She’s managed to endear herself to the son of one of the most powerful gangsters in New York, earning herself a spot in the limelight that she’s always longed for. With the infamous playboy at her side, June has become accustomed to living the high life. Lavish parties, expensive clothes, sparkling jewels, nothing is beyond her reach and her dreams of making something of herself beneath the shimmering marquee lights is finally coming true. But when her carefully woven web of lies finally catches up with her, threatening the life she’s worked so hard to build, she must make an impossible choice; come clean about her past and risk losing everything, or find a way to bury her demons–once and for all. In a city glittering with possibilities, June would do anything to keep her golden dream from turning to ashes. Even if it means going up against the most dangerous man the city has ever known.


My Thoughts

This is the second novella in the Canary Club series but can most certainly be read as a stand alone. It’s a wonderful 39-page read.

This particular novella follows June West who we met briefly in Gilded Cage Just as before we are placed in the prohibition era, with flappers, prejudice, and glamorous clubs. As a reader, I was immersed into this world by way of how the atmosphere was set up by Ficklin.

Now, since I’ve already read the first one in the series and found myself in want of more of Masie Schultz, I was wondering how this one would compare. Well! June is now my favorite, now that I know more about her, now that I’ve seen her in struggles and hardship I have come to adore her. In this book, some of her secrets and her secretive past comes to the surface and threatens her life as she knows it as well as a future she was hoping for. These hardships showcase and prove that June is a strong, clever and passionate young woman.

JD Schultz plays a big part to this, too, and since he is the counterpart to June we are allowed glimpses into his character and his feelings in regard to June. We know him as a playboy, but we get to see a deeper side to him in this novella and how he views things – not just something his father makes him or wants him to believe.

I really enjoyed this book! One of my favorite quotes?

“I’m no gold digger, baby. I’m the gold!”

Another aspect I thoroughly enjoyed was the display of friendship between June and Masie. It’s a pretty solid friendship.

So treat yourself on Valentine’s Day, that’s when this wonderful read becomes available.

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