The Invisible Crown by Charlie Cottrell


Genre: Crime, Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy


Expected Publication: December 19th 2016 by Royal James Publishing

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The city of Arcadia is a craphole, but it’s my craphole. I’ve walked its streets my entire life, always searching for something: a purpose, a suspect, or a stiff drink. My name’s Eddie Hazzard, and I’m a hard-boiled detective. Yeah, laugh it up. It’s a ridiculous job description, but this is a ridiculous town. It’s full of every cliché you can imagine: corrupt city officials, police officers on the take, greedy businessmen, and crime so organized it has an accounting department, a health plan, and retirement benefits. Which is more than I can say for myself.”

Meet Eddie Hazzard: he’s tenacious, a certain kind of clever, and usually drunk. When a beautiful woman comes into his office and asks him to find her husband, Eddie takes the case because the alternative is having his creditors show up at his door and do terrible things to his limbs. But the case takes a series of bizarre turns, getting Eddie caught up in a tangled web of reluctant cops, sketchy businessmen, and shadowy crime bosses. The deeper he gets, the worse things look. Will Eddie solve the case? Will he save the day? Most importantly, will he get paid?

The Invisible Crown is the first full-length novel of a series featuring Detective Hazzard and the bizarre, bewildering array of tough mobsters, genetically-modified creeps, and ruthless scumbags who inhabit the city of Arcadia.

Well, well! What do you get when you mix some Who Framed Roger Rabit and some Terry Pratchett? This is what you get, this book here.

This is not my typical read and as such, I had a harder time getting into it, but I thought some of the fantasy elements would grab my attention more, I’ll dip more into that in a bit!

This book follows Hazzard, a drunken P.I. who is pretty much a louse in every way. When a bombshell walks into his office in tears and hires him to find out what happened to her missing husband that’s when the story takes off.

There is what is called The Organization, which is a unit of unsavory characters – a crime ring and there are many people within this organization. Dirty cops and the like, you name it.

In this book, there is what is called modding, or gen-modding. Where one can cross themselves with an animal for enhancements. Where a man can be more gorilla than man, or simply a floating head in a jar. This was an interesting addition to the book but it gave it somewhat of a comic/cartoony feel to me, which if you like that kind of read it isn’t so problematic, but whereas this is a genre I struggle with to begin with it didn’t draw me in anymore.

I was able to notice the author’s love for Terry Pratchett in the book, a nice nod to him which I can respect. Not to mention a bit of a Douglas Adams vibe going on. I suppose that’s what it comes down to, Pratchett, Adams and Dick Tracy wrapped up into one!

This book was a fairly amusing read, gritty, comical and fantastical, but Hazzard was rather despicable, too despicable for me to care for.

Still, 3 Savvy Crowns.

What’s your favorite crime/mystery you’ve read lately [or ever!] Share below.


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