Hello my Savvy Readers & Authors!

Every year the blog Authors Talk About It hosts a book award contest and the contest is now open for 2017.

Those who wish to enter receive: 

  • 250-350 word review by their review team which can later on be used on a site/forum you desire.
  • Recognition and promotion if your book receives 3-5 stars.
  • Those who receive less than 3 stars receive in depth critiquing.
  • && More

What does it take to enter?

  • Must be 18+
  • Published,unpublished and ebooks are allowed.
  • Books in the following genres:
    1. General Fiction
    2. Romance (Erotica is currently not accepted. Spicy and steamy? Yes, but nothing explicit.)
    3. Mystery
    4. Thriller
    5. Sci-fi
    6. Paranormal
    7. Horror
    8. General Children
    9. Young Adult Fiction
    10. Non-fiction

Does this interest you? To find out more please visit the following links.

ATAI: Book Award Contest

Readers Village
Authors Village
Download This Book

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