Glass Cats by Justin White


Genre: Adult Fiction, Mystery, Crime, Magical Realism

Pages: 316

Published December 3rd 2016

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Glass Cats is the first in the Bok Choy series of feline crime novels. This book features cats as main characters but it is not for children, or the faint of heart.

One-eyed cat Bok Choy lived with his best friend, the agoraphobic Ms. Nguyen, in a little house in the heart of Saint John, New Brunswick. They were happy together in their own little bubble until a mysterious intruder brutally murdered Ms. Nguyen and brought the outside world crashing down on newly orphaned Bok Choy.

Now this oblivious indoor cat will have to grow up fast in order to bring the killer to justice. It won’t be easy. Saint John is a kitty gangland where backyards and narrow alleys are divided into territories and defended with tooth and claw. Apart from the strays there are men with guns. He will need all the help he can get from his friends, the streetwise watchcat Bianca and the brilliant ex-cop Vincenzo, if he hopes to survive the city long enough to get his revenge.


What do you get when you have a book about cats who can talk to their owners and a murder mystery? Well, you have this book!

If you’re a crazy cat lover or someone who chuckles at those crazy cat lovers, then this dark humored book is something to pick up and this would be why:

Bok Choy is our main cat-aracter [Har har!], he is missing an eye from when he lived on the streets as a kitten. Ms. Nguyen took him in, nursed him to health and raised him. She is an agoraphobic woman who has become essentially a shut-in and so she spends her days talking to her cat and spoiling him.

One day Bok Choy explores the great outdoors against his owner’s wishes and when he returns he finds a gruesome scene, Ms. Nyugen in a pool of blood. Bok Choy then sets out on a journey where he grows from a sheltered cat to a worldly one who is determined to solve the mystery behind his beloved owner’s murder.

It’s a crazy funny idea, cats can communicate to their humans and some are even ‘partners’. Sometimes the characters felt a little on the one-dimensional side, but it wasn’t terrible and the other aspect that I wasn’t keen on was that sometimes some areas just dragged on, it was too much in one scene or just not interesting things in one scene.

BUT, it was fun and it was different. Something that I really did enjoy and it left off at a good spot for a second book.

If you’re looking for something a little off-a little different – this is definitely it.

3.2 Savvy Crowns!

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