Update: Some exciting news!

So, November was a month of illness for me and I know we’re not quite through it yet, but almost. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I’m certainly ready to indulge, but just because I was ill this month doesn’t mean I didn’t read. In fact, I read way more this month than I have in a long while. So, that being said I have some reviews to fire out.

Earlier in the month I had posted I was partaking in NaNoWriMo – I started off strong and classically I fell behind which means my story has yet again been shelved for next year. Bah!

BUT! Because of that I was able to read a ton while I was down for the count with virus after virus. I was also contacted by an awesome lady who has run blogging boot camps that I’ve participated in [how to market yourself as a blogger, branding, creating content, building audiences, etc.] and is now running a BookTubing boot camp. I’m learning a lot and hopefully I’ll have my own BookTube Channel running before I know it.




    1. Thank you, Suzanne. We are for the most part in the clear, but oi! What a month.

      Book tubing will certainly be an experience, but I’m kind of more excited about it than I was nervous!

      I’ll try picking the novel back up when the holidays calm down some, I think. I was just sent a handful of ARCs and I need to address those before I can sit down and write myself. 😉

      And thank you, happy day to you tomorrow! I’ll be wearing my leggings so I can stuff my face!

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