Unlocked: Rekindled Flames by C. Chilove

31565982Genre: Adult Fiction, Erotica, Romance

Pages: 406

Publication date: September 9th 2016 by The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

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Summary: Alonna Carrington, tied too long to her dead fiancé’s memory, has lost all belief in love. Prepared to replace hope with pleasure, her chance encounter with a mysterious media mogul rekindles a distant memory and a desire she craves beyond control.

Donovan Derbinay has dreamed of Alonna for all eternity…and that isn’t his only secret. So much more than a soulmate, she is his Twin Flame. Yet she doesn’t remember their love or their shared lives or how tragedies have taken her from him time after time.

But this life is different from the others, and Donovan must unlock Alonna’s heart and awaken the memories of their shared past before the flame of their spellbound hearts is extinguished forever.


I was just discussing the Alpha vs Alpha-hole with a group of fellow romance readers/reviewers and we all agreed that there is a big difference between an Alpha [confident male, comfortable with himself, etc,] vs an Alpha-hole. A controlling male who dictates what his interest will wear, who she/he can be friends with and creates itineraries for them. This, my friends, is a story involving a classic case of an Alpha-Hole

We begin with Alonna Carrington, her fiance had passed away prior to their wedding and this brought up issues of attachment for her. She is documented as having slept with 3[or 4?] married men and aside from that really only wants no-strings-attached relationships….

In walks, Donovan Derbinay, who is a target for her company and they’ve been fighting for him to get on board with the firm. Miraculously, Alonna is able to ensnare him because he hones in on her beauty, fire, and wit. Right off the bat, he tries to pressure her whether to make her balk or not who can say! However, soon thereafter he begins harassing her via phone for dinner, cornering her physically, showering her with gifts that she refuses to open and he steps into her space again to dominate and demands she opens said gift box…when she doesn’t he gets all tense.

A small thing, but it’s also a small thing to get all uppity about. I wasn’t keen on Donnovan. He was far too controlling and I didn’t take to Alonna either. I guess this just wasn’t my style of Erotica/Romance. I don’t like it when the male is domineering in this fashion and to me it is distasteful.

I’d like to say I enjoyed something of it, but I didn’t. I found the friendships and relationships fairly shallow, too. Alas, it wasn’t a good fit for me!

Share your favorite dominant male character and from what book they are from.



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