Savvy Sunday


Savvy Sundays are reserved for bookish discussions or bookish related things.

Ah, it’s been a while since I have done a Savvy Sunday. Bah! Forgive me!

So, while I’ve been slacking I’ve been getting involved in new fandoms. I managed to read a lot in the month of August, more than I had been recently. My good friend from the Great White North begged me to check out CW’s The 100  needless to say I was skeptical because I find their shows to be a hit or miss.

I humored her and watched one episode and before I knew it Bellamy Blake’s eyes sucked me in like a black hole. I was doomed and lost amidst his puppy eyes, tusseled curls and those freckles. Le sigh!

So, I went and did it. I bought the book because I am one of one people and I know it’s vastly different from the TV series which is okay.

I look forward to indulging myself further.

What is your favorite book to movie or show? Share!

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