July Read-A-Thon


So! I am hosting my first Read-A-Thon! I was part of one read-a-thon and it required 4 books in a week, while that is doable when a schedule is free, it’s a real challenge. I am a mom of two children under the age of six, a wife, a fitness nut and insert an assortment of other things, it leaves me pressed for time to read when I could be sleeping, right? I shouldn’t feel stressed to complete a reading challenge.

When I asked a few reading buddies about participating in a read-a-thon they were also shaking their head. “I don’t have time to read that much. I can’t do that.” Well, when I asked them to break down how many books they read in a month, they agreed that 5 books in a month are certainly a doable number.

There you have the reason behind this. Why the Wedding Theme, though? I really don’t have a reason behind that, aside from the fact I liked the ideas behind the rhyme. Old, new, borrowed, blue and sixth book sounds great, doesn’t it?!

My goal is to help people finish 5 books in a month. Sounds easy enough [and hey maybe really easy to some of you!] but we all know how life often likes to laugh at us with distractions.

If you’re willing to participate in this July Read-A-Thon, just commit to 5 books, if you don’t finish it’s no stress! If you’re on instagram be sure to tag your photos, #booksavvyreaders and #somethingolde [or whatever the books theme happens to be according to the above picture.] Tag me in those photos, share with your friends, feel free to use this on any social media platform.

My Reads:

somethingolde ~ Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie
somethingnew ~ throne of glass by Sarah J. Maas
somethingborrowed ~ girl with the pearl earring by Tracy Chevalier
somethingblue ~ Raven Boys by Maggir Stiefvater
sixpenceinashoe ~ Autumn Bones by Jacqueline Carey

What are you reading this month? Share below!


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