Savvy Sunday #2


A weekly post hosted by Sissy Lu. Savvy Sunday is a discussion topic that aims to get all book savvy individuals involved. Each week there will be a certain topic or multiple topics to discuss!


This week’s savvy topic will be in regard to Book to Movie

Really, this is an age old topic, most bookworms say it’s no contest, the book came before the movie and we know that originals are always best. Right? Well, that isn’t always so, at least in my opinion. Some books are better off remaining just a book, as a movie cannot – even with technology as advanced as what it is, compete with the imagination. It cannot possibly breathe life into the world that only a mind can construct, right? Well, no.

This is not always so, because as a savvy reader, one who has consumed a fair amount of books and delved into a fair amount of worlds, I can honestly say there are some books who were poorly executed. No, I’m not going to shout out those books, you know which ones these are. The ones who the overall plot is intriguing, you’re reading this book, considering the elements, the world and the laws within the pages. Somehow, though, the writer doesn’t manage to drag you along on the journey and it leaves you with a feeling that is less than desirable.

Some of these books for me became movies, in which I would much rather watch the movies than ever think about picking up the lackluster book [again.]

Then again, you have these classics that are made into movies, books that painted such elaborate pictures in your mind’s eye that you held your breath when the film began to play. For me, I let it out with these books, these books which made me squeal in delight because they had done it, they captured the world, the characters, the mood, and everything just how it ought to have been, rather than spoiling a good thing, it turned into a GRAND thing.

The worst case, of course, would be a bad book to remain a bad book, an already unplausible story created into a campy show or film. The other worst case is turning a favorite into something unbearable to watch.

Both have their pros and cons.

So what are your thoughts? Let’s talk about your experiences!



Comment below on your experiences, feel free to name drop book titles here. 😉

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