How the wolf lost her heart by Sarah Brownlee


                                                                                Genre: Dystopian, Fantasy, Supernatural

Pages: 216

Published September 17th 2014 by Amazon Digital Services

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Set against the backdrop of a dystopian London where thugs and criminals run rife, Skye Archer possesses a rare gift, the ability to transform into her spirit animal at will. Widely regarding her morphing ability as a curse, Skye’s aim is to keep it a secret at all costs. But one day she meets the intriguing and affluent, Raphael Renzo, who soon proves to have a secret of his own, one that could heal the downtrodden city and affect Skye in ways she never thought possible…

This debut Young Adult Paranormal Romance novel from Sarah Brownlee is a compelling and gripping read, taking the reader into a world where both the heart of a city and the heart of a girl are simultaneously pierced by one man.


So, this is how this worked out, I purchased this book and then the author contacted me in regard to their second book – without knowing that I had purchased her first book. Spooooky! 😉 This is also my first shifter book [well Morpher in this case,] I’ve never read one before!

This particular book follows Skye Archer, an 18 year old Morpher [an individual who can morph into their spirit animal,] who works at a customer service job. She lives in a dystopian London, where, essentially the law is crumbling and chaos isn’t uncommon. Thugs wander around the streets, lewd crimes occur and the law does little to put a stop to it. In this world, too, Morphers are uncommon and there are those who are prejudice against their kind.

Skye isn’t particularly a kind person and to be honest her personality rubbed me the wrong way, she was immature and snippy, more often than not she lashed out when there was no need to and it was clear, as the reader, that there was no need to. Over the course of the book I found myself a little frustrated with her, especially when Raphael Renzo walks onto the scene.

Raphael Renzo is from a wealthy family and he is seen as being a ‘lord’ of the time. He is also a morpher, his animal is a tiger. From the moment he steps on the scene you know there is going to be something going on between them. There is definitely chemistry!

As for the story, it seems primarily focused on Skye, which given the title of the book why wouldn’t it be? I just wish there was more story to it and less Skye banter because Brownlee created a very interesting world. Although at times I felt like there should have been a prologue, or even a glossary because there were several occasions that things were explained in depth [which was appreciated,] but I think that could have been covered in a prologue that detailed what happened, how the morphers came about, why the city was like it was, and gave an overall feel of how the city currently. I feel like that would have set the stage better. The glossary more for things like Bubbles, tag device, etc.

All in all, this was a fun, quick read. I just kind of wanted more, but Brownlee definitely knows how to create interesting worlds and if you’re into Morphers/Shifters with a bit of romance… here’s your book/series!


What are some of your favorite shifter books or series? Comment below.


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