How the tiger faced his challenge by Sarah Brownlee


                                                                                Genre: Dystopian, Fantasy, Supernatural

Pages: 398

Published October 27th 2015

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It is 2217. Civil War rages in London, England. The Pearson family in the East set their might against the Renzo stronghold in the West. Blood, destruction, death and toil. Many face the storm; few emerge in one piece.

Raphael Renzo, Morpher and youngest son of the famed Lord Renzo, leads his warriors into battle against the blood-thirsty, malevolent forces of thugs and hooligans who threaten to destroy everything he seeks to protect and all he holds dear. There can only be one outcome: victory. But Raphael must be careful; for the road to victory is rife with snares and not all is what it seems…

This Young Adult Dystopian novel is the thrilling sequel to Sarah Brownlee’s ‘How the Wolf Lost Her Heart’. A tale of honour, love and betrayal, it shows the depths both villain and hero will plunge to, one for supremacy, the other to defend those he loves.


The first book was How the Wolf Lost Her Heart and this book picks up right after that.

Just like before this world built by Sarah Brownlee is exceptional, a dystopian London where there really isn’t law or order, thugs rule the streets and the government does very little to step in and protect the citizens from the malevolent individuals. Where prejudice against Morphers runs high and they are either viewed with awe or fear.

This new plotline had some potential, there is a villain about who has been making morphers and testing on humans. Interesting storyline, all of it sounds that way.

Except Skye’s self-created drama is tiresome and distracts from the actual premise. I found myself just reading her ridiculous banter again and rolling my eyes. I didn’t like Skye before and I certainly don’t now. She’s a hot-headed, snipping, immature girl who winds up creating all of the drama surrounding her. She comes across as a fourteen-year-old girl.

Add Raphael into the mix, a laid back individual who really ought to set personal boundaries up, regardless of who he is trying to impress, especially since we know how jealous Skye is. In any case, both of their actions were inexcusable and I found myself just rolling my eyes and waiting for something relating to the plot occur.

A lot of rehashing took place, a lot more info dump about the world that maybe didn’t have to be there in such long winded paragraphs. So when it came to new news, new plots, there was very little to read regarding that.

There is so much that can be done with this world, so much that can be seen and manipulated, but I feel like Skye and Raphael’s insecurities and drama just acted as a big distraction, because the world elements are there, the plot is there, too.


What is your take on Shifter books? This was my first one! Comment below.


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