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Fantasy Fridays is a weekly post hosted by Sissy Lu. Each Friday she will post about a specific topic regarding Fantasy novels. You are welcome to Snag the image and link back to Book Savvy Review with your own Fantasy Friday.


This Fantasy Friday will be dedicated to Series. 

So, there is an upside to Series as well as a downside. In some cases, it’s a huge resounding YES YES YES and then in others, it’s a heavy sigh and why why why, especially if the author made it so that you have to read the next book to find out why or what happened. Darn those cliffhangers, but sometimes the series is so horrendous that it simply isn’t enough to continue on.

We all know exactly what I’m talking about. So, without furhter ado here are some series that I’ve actually enjoyed!

153008Kushiel’s Dart is a fantasy novel set in a world of people who are descended from angels, and strange ancient gods are worshiped. This is a book full of espionage, political intrigue, betrayal, and love.

It focuses around Phèdre nó Delaunay, a young woman who was born with a crimson fleck in her eye which dubbed her as touched by Kushiel, it meant she would be one to bear pain and pleasure as one. This became a useful tool and as conspiracies come about they become even more useful to her and to her kingdom.


This is one of those books that I devoured in oh 3 days I believe? It took me a bit to get involved in the story as the early on background information and political set ups take some time to cultivate the story and I do mean some time – around 250 pages is when Joscelin Verreuil makes his appearance and that is really where the story takes off. If I hadn’t received this on recommendation, from a dear [and trust worth reading buddy,] I would have rolled my eyes and passed, but I stayed with it and loved it! Kushiel’s Dart is the first of Phedre’s Trilogy which sets up for Imriel’s Trilogy next and then Moirin’s Trilogy as the ‘final chapters’ in the Kushiel Universe.

Reading Jacqueline Carey’s works has made me into a fan and although her other works such as Agent of Hel and Santa Olivia are vastly different, even so far as writing styles, the same world building aspects are there. Carey is so wonderful at creating worlds.






Once upon a time, someone recommended this book to me and I can’t remember who, but someone did and I read the series for quite some time until I just shut my eyes on the 4th book and decided “I can’t take this anymore.” Up until then, though, everything was spectacular, albeit a touch drawn out but I enjoyed the aspects of this world, of Richard, Kahlan and his comrades. I just wasn’t a fan of where the series was heading and rather than see it through, Goodkind lost me as a reader.

In Wizard’s First Rule, Richard Cypher’s father was brutally murdered and the mystery revolving around the why begins, then a woman named Kahlan Amnell comes to him seeking sanctuary, a new adventure, a new journey begins as they take a step onto the path of their destiny.

Wizard’s First Rule to me offered a fun beginning to an interesting series, especially as new characters are introduced to us. Also, remember Wizard’s First Rule: People are stupid.






An invasion of orcs rush into the Spine of the World, parting Drizzt Do’Urden from his companions, having become accustomed to relying on them he is forced to draw strength and resilience from within.

The Thousand Orcs  is the first of the Hunter’s Blade Trilogy but the 14th book in the Legend of Drizzt books. This was the first one I read and one of the first fantasy series I read outside of Lord of the Rings. Immediately I was drawn into this world and R.A. Salvatore makes it easy to know what has happened as he references prior happenings that makes current events make sense, so while it’d be great to read Homeland first and work your way up to #14, it isn’t necessary, which is splendid [but hey I do recommend doing that!]

I adored Drizzt, I adored the other supporting characters as well, Regis, Wulgar, Catti-Brie. I found myself immersed into a fantasy world where Orcs were trying to crush me and my friends, I just really really enjoyed it and will forever love Salvatore!


So, there you have it, my fantasy reads!

What are some of your favorite series? Have you read any of the above? Comment below.


  1. I gave up on the wizard’s first rule because I realised how long the series was. I enjoyed the first book, but not enough to sustain me through so many big tomes. I’m the same with Game of Thrones, though luckily with the TV series I can still enjoy GRR Martin’s work.
    I haven’t read your other selections, but it sounds like I should look them up.

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    1. Personally, I will either love or hate a long series. If the author brings something new to develop the characters and or world then I can deal with it.

      However, if we are going to be dragged along in a 7+ book series where nothing really gets solved or we teeter in each book where nothing progresses or we take several backward steps then absolutely not.

      Series like Sword of Truth, like The Mortal Instruments… They could have ended quicker, because the drawn out books water down the quality and the true story. They’re just distractions or at least in my opinion.

      I also agree about GRRM.

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