Savvy Sunday


A weekly post hosted by Sissy Lu. Savvy Sunday is a discussion topic that aims to get all book savvy individuals involved. Each week there will be a certain topic or multiple topics to discuss!


This week’s savvy topic will be in regard to eBook vs Paperback.

This is a topic that a lot of people become passionate about, those who swear only by device or those who refuse to turn their back on paper. Where do you stand on the topic though? For me, personally, I will always prefer the feel, smell, appearance and comfort of a paperback book. However, the eBook has its appeal, too. The device of your choosing holds several stories in it, which if you have limited space is a godsend, it means you don’t have to suffer from withdrawals!

Or if you’re like me and the closest bookstore is nearly an hour away… The idea of having a book that is instantly only a click away, it’s wonderful.

To me, the paperback will never be outdated. I attend at least one book sale in a month and pick up books throughout my shopping  trips. I own over 200 books. My husband noticed I put a book in the cart the other day at the check out and he looked at me. “How many books do you need?” To which I replied in earnest. “Babe, there is no such thing as enough.”

So, in closing, both are important to me. A paperback will never need to be charged, candle light or lamp light is all you need. An ebook/device holds many getaways and retains your last read page. Both have pros and cons.

Now I open the floor for discussion: which do you prefer, what are your thoughts? Share in the comments below!


  1. Great topic!

    Right now, I prefer eBooks, because I can increase the size of the font. I’m having a lot of difficulty reading small print in books… the perils of getting older, right?

    But there will never come a time when I decide to go completely digital. I love everything about real books. An eBook can’t replicate the feeling of opening a book for the first time, turning the pages, or the weight and particular feel of a book in your hand. On the other hand, eBooks are definitely space savers, and enables you to purchase a physical copy of books you’re sure you will keep.

    So basically, I’m content with either format. It’s not how you read that matters, only that you’re making time to read!


    1. Nope. I could never go completely digital as I love my physical books. There is nothing like opening the book and leaving your gentle mark on the pages like “ahh, yes I gentle broke you in as I turned your pages!” (Or maybe that’s just me, heheh)

      But, paper takes up a lot of space. For me I have 400 eBooks. 230 paper books. That would be a lot to own…or shelf! I’m working on that kind of shelf goal.

      I whole heartedly agree though, whatever you read… Paper or digital, just read!

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