Stacking the Shelves


A monthly post about the books that have been purchased in the month, whether they are at book sales, book stores or the market.

Well! after March’s Stacking the Shelves I decided to take a month off of book buying. Almost. I only bought  11 books this month which was more of a normal number.

Here are the books.

The larger haul was from an impromptu visit to a local library. I have read Losing Hope as well as Ugly love, but I wanted to add these to my shelves because I have fallen in love with Hoover. She can convey such emotion through her characters and I adore her for it.

As for the smaller hall, I had never read any of Sarah J. Maas until a Bookstagram Book Club voted this as our next pick. Well, I was delightfully surprised. I also picked up Throne of Glass by Sarah as well. Consider is written by a local author, Kristy Acevedo. By local I mean she is from my town. So heck yes I’m going to support her!

The other books that I hadn’t mentioned have all been on my mind at some point.


Have you read any of these books? Comment below. Show me some of your favorite quotes from any of the above books! Who were your favorite characters [major or minor?]

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