Book Haul: March!

I have a serious issue when it comes to buying books, even though I keep saying. “No more books, because I need to read what I have first.” I never listen to myself and I always plug away at my Wishlist, which is a list that I have for physical books I really, really want. 

Sometimes, book sales come up, which is amazing. I love book sales because they are huge bargain areas and I’m able to pick up a book in a genre I might be iffy on or add to a series without damaging my bank account. 

This month there were THREE  book sales. I attended them.


I normally list all the books, but darn it, I hauled 31 books for myself and 13 books for my kiddos.This was one day, 3/12, I was able to find classics, too. Just simply for display pieces, really! The Wind in the Willows was one of them, a hardcover with illustrations from 1953. Just really amazing finds at that book sale. Plus, I bought the table the books are on for 10$! 😉

Total: 30$ [A whole lot of books and an amazing antique table later!]

The next sale was just 3 days later.



Not to mention books I had purchased in between or before the sales.
Red Queen, Glass Sword,  To All the boys I’ve loved before, 5th Wave.



14$ for both from Book Outlet.









14$ from Better World Books








Needless to say, I had a very good month, plus a good friend of mine was cleaning out her bookshelves and shipped out a bunch of books to me… I have yet to receive them, but I will post when the package arrives. 😀


Have you read any of these books? Have you done a book haul lately? Comment below with what books you picked up!




    1. I cannot say no to book sales. 3/12 was a day of TWO book sales in neighboring towns and then a few days later was another local one I couldn’t say no to.

      Ah! Well, this just means I need to severely crack down on reading my personal library! 😉

      So glad I’m not alone in my addiction. ^_~ there are worse things, right?

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