Imperfect Love by Isabella White




Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary

Pages: 425

Published by Fire Quill Publishing




At 24 years old, Holly Scallanger has the perfect life. Everything a girl could want; a beautiful man, a stunning home, as well as being in the midst of preparing for the wedding of her dreams. This all vanishes the night she catches her fiancé, Brandon Morgan, in bed with her worst nightmare, Donna Sinclair, just a week before Holly is set to walk down the aisle.

Attempting to recover from his betrayal, Holly swears off the affections of men in order to pick up the pieces of her crumbling life. Unfortunately, meeting Jake ‘Hooligan’ Peters is not part of her plan. The tall, dark-haired and handsome as hell med student, sweeps Holly away from the pain of her past and reveals to her the bright future that lays ahead. That is, until she falls pregnant just as Jake begins his internship at P&E; his family’s hospital.

Will this love at first sight lead her to the fairytale she has always craved? Or, will she fall victim to a betrayal of the heart yet again?


Holly Scallanger is a 24-year-old who is engaged and works at a lodge of sorts. Brandon, her fiance – the man she is supposed to marry soon, cheats on her with a reoccurring woman named Donna. Holly calls it off for good and begins to grudgingly move forward with her life.

The beginning of this book had promise as we see Holly take the initiative and break up with the man that has betrayed her trust on several accounts. However, as Holly begins to dip into the dating pool again and only about 8 weeks later [is it me or is that too soon for someone who had been on the verge of marrying the love of their life? *shrug*] The quality soon begins to swiftly fall and so does Holly’s strength and what I mean by this is she succumbs to drinking to bury her misery, she’s often seen whining. Yes, it’s a difficult time but here is where she could have proved herself.

We then meet Jake Peters – a friend of her friends, he has dark hair and ice green eyes in case you thought to forget – we are not meant to forget how dreamy and perfect Jake Peters is. He comes off as a Gary Stu, he’s all that and a bag of chips. A prior cage fighter and due to an accident he’s now in school to become a Neurologist.

The moment they meet its sort of an insta-love deal, not just chemistry which I found they lacked any real chemistry. Now, keep in mind they’re only officially dating for just roughly around two months. So everything happens insanely fast and soon Jake’s mom is nagging him about meeting his new girl. He does well to keep them apart for about a month and a half or so but when he finally does bring Holly home to meet his mother there is a serious WTF moment. His mother – Mara Peters and a highly prestigious doctor and one of the best in the country [the entire family has the last name Stu, I swear.]

Mara ends up snagging Holly into the kitchen and boldly asks if she’s on the pill because her son is in school and cannot and will not be having a child disrupting his studies when his future is so bright. From the start Mara’s relationship is odd with Jake and borderline creepy, even the characters in the book pick up on this and seem off put by it. It’s just odd, creepy and just… bizarre.

Flash forward to Holly telling Jake she’s going on the pill and he’s put off by the idea, keep in mind that they’re only a month [or so] into their relationship and he says. “I wouldn’t mind if you got pregnant.” What? Um.. okay…

I guess that’s a good deal, because even though she winds up going on the pill she becomes pregnant and what happens after that is so infuriating for me… I won’t be reading the next book, it put me off that much because Holly was so immature in the end, she didn’t even give Jake a chance – not to mention Mara is known to be psycho. Who is to say she didn’t meddle? I’m sure she did because this book was fairly predictable.


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