The Brush of Black Wings by Grace Draven


Genre: Supernatural, Fantasy, Romance

Pages: 135 [novella]

Series: Book 2 of Master of Crows

Published by Smashwords




During a foray into the woods of Neith, Martise stumbles upon a ruined temple and reawakens not only a power she thought lost, but also something far more malevolent. An ancient darkness, imprisoned in an eternal cage, sees a chance at freedom in a woman once held in bondage.

Desperate to save her, the Master of Crows will break the barriers of time and worlds to challenge an entity born of forgotten magic and the remnants of souls—a demon king who once led hordes of the damned across the face of the world.

The destroyer of gods will battle the destroyer of men to reclaim her and discover a truth the keepers of history once conspired to conceal.

A tale of revelation and redemption.


Anyone who knows me knows that Grace Draven is a personal favorite of mine. She’s a gem I found by accident and it was a happy one. Master of Crows is a book I’ve read about five times and I fall in love with Silhara, Martise, Gurn and Cael over and over.

This book in contrast to Master of Crows happens to be more about Martise, or, at least, she is the focal point of the story. We get to see Silhara and Martise are still happily married but there is something odd about the woods…When that oddity drags Martise to another dimension, you can imagine what happens on the other side…

On the Gray Plane as it is called we meet two new characters, a Wraith King that goes by the name of Meggido and a human woman named Acseh, who Meggido refers to as Damkiana. At this time Meggido is presumed to be a demon who craves to return to earth to continue his task – Acseh is simply trapped and a casualty of their time.

While this story was simply ‘alright’ to me, it was interesting and I think if I didn’t feel as thought things were rushed I would have rated it higher. As it was it seemed to tread the water a lot, there seemed to be quite a lot of filler and not a lot happened. The beginning is promising, the middle is filler and the ending is a little anti-climatic. It seemed like there was a big rush to wrap it up.

The epilogue was a gem and also promising. I loved it.

This can be read as a standalone as it recaps frequently, but I do recommend reading Master of Crows!




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