A Reaper of Stone by Mark Gelineau/Joe King


Genre: Fantasy, High Fantasy, Medieval

Pages: 90

Published by Gelineau & King





A Lady is dead. Her noble line ended. And the King’s Reaper has come to reclaim her land and her home. In the marches of Aedaron, only one thing is for certain. All keeps of the old world must fall.

Elinor struggles to find her place in the new world. She once dreamed of great things. Of becoming a hero in the ways of the old world. But now she is a Reaper. And her duty is clear. Destroy the old. Herald the new.


Reading this was like returning home after a long absence. My reading began in the worlds of medieval and fantasy and then I branched out into other genres. This was home for me.

Gelineau & King crafted a gem in only a short amount of pages. They created a world, a history and characters that grew and leaped from the pages. Their words spirited me away to this world they had done so well to create and it made me want for more.

Elinor and Con are the main characters, Elinor is a strong female lead who is the star of the show. She isn’t fearless, but she is courageous and in spite of her fears does exactly what is needed of her. Con is comical and strong as well, he is Elinor’s male support character, needless to say Elinor steals the show from him!

The tale begins with the prologue, Elinor is a cadet and trying to prove herself. By Act I (chapter one) Elinor has done just that and has become the Kings Reaper. Two of the lords are up to no good and have even killed the prior Lady of the land… The lords begin their assault on the lands and that is when Elinor steps up.

It’s a quick read, flies by quickly and leaves you wanting more. I can see why others who have reviewed their work get a little frustrated, mainly because of the amount of talent they both have and yet stunt themselves with novellas.





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