Randomness & Thankfulness


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I’m so thankful for the followers I have and for those individuals that I have met through my new journey of book reviewing and blogging!


I really started this entire ordeal because of my friends and family who were forever in the day asking if I had read this book or that one. What did I think of it if I did? Or, hey, can you read this book and tell me if it’s crud?

So, this really started as something for my friends and family to read, I’m grateful that it’s expanded quite a bit since then!

I thoroughly enjoy reading new books. I cherish every new author I meet and because I aspire to be a writer as well, I know how important those first few reviews are. I know how much it means to have the word of mouth, too. So, I just want to extend my gratitude toward the writers out there that let me review their work for them.

I’ve met some really cool people and amazing authors.

So, honestly, thank you to each and every one of you!

Bring on the books and I’ll bring on the reviews!


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