Happy Six Months!


Well, I think really this should say “KEEP CALM and READ ON!” As well as “write on!”

I have to thank each and every one of you who have taken the time to read my reviews. In part, I read for the fun of it. I thoroughly enjoy exploring new genres that I once wrinkled my nose at but I’m rather glad that I’ve begun expanding my tastes.

Not only do I enjoy reading books, but I enjoy talking about them which is why I started this book blog to begin with. I had numerous friends and family members walk up to me or message me to ask if I had read this book yet or that book and what I thought if it was any good. Why not start a blog that each one could sign up for and receive reviews without even having to ask? I’m usually talking about books to everyone who expresses their interest in reading. I’m the book recommender, the book savvy girl!

This was not created to compete with any other blogs out there, everyone has different views and it’s plainly seen in book reviews. The more readers out there the better.

So, thank you, viewers, thank you for those who have requested reviews from me. Keep them coming.


Much love,


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