Netherworld by Lisa Morton


In nineteenth-century Victorian England, a young widow finds that she has inherited more than her late husband’s property: The Furnavals serve as the ancestral keepers of supernatural portals scattered around the globe. When demonic entities begin crossing over from the Netherworld, Lady Diana realizes that a war is brewing, and she must be the one to confront it.

Accompanied by a young Chinese sailor named Yi-kin, her feline guardian Mina, and a mysterious scholar, Stephen, Diana will begin a journey to solve the mystery of her husband’s death and prevent the apocalypse.


Genres: Steampunk, Paranormal, fantasy, supernatural

Pages: 282

Published by JournalStone

Released: January 10th, 2014



I tried, I really tried with this book and no I did not finish but I went beyond 100 pages to only find I still was not really interested in the goings on.

The main character is Diana and though she’s a strong leading lady she is also forgettable, a newly made widow who though a lady often wears men’s attire – slacks. In 1879, it isn’t exactly something women do or is applauded for doing.

Lady Diana is akin to a Shadowhunter, for those who are intrigued by demon hunters who close their gateways or portals. And who also battle them.

The actual story wasn’t terrible at all, it’s a steampunk era which I adore. It was the flat conversations and the way it was written. It was poor writing I just want to clarify that… It was a lack of enthusiasm in the writing. There is a way and it is an art to keeping your readers thoroughly engaged and entertained.

2 stars, the idea saved it from being a 1.



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