Lord Savage by Mia Gabriel


I’d never felt so vulnerable, at once both lost and found, as I now did sprawled across Savage in this foolish throne-chair. His strength was my solace, my comfort, and there was nothing better than hearing the beating of his heart beneath my ear.

Once trapped in a loveless, pleasure-less marriage, Evelyn Hard leaves her home in New York for the glittering ballrooms of London. However, when she arrives she meets the Earl of Savage, a dark, powerful man who seems to live up to his name, despite his noble trappings, a man who possesses her with just one look. Soon Evelyn finds herself pulled into Savage’s world—a world of passion unlike any she has ever experienced. Evelyn’s heart is captured with no hope of escape. But can they overcome the tortures of the past together?

Savage never imagined someone like Evelyn walking into his life. As soon as he sees her he knows he must have her, no matter the cost.

Genres: historical fiction, erotica, bdsm, 

Pages:  320

Series: book 1 of the Savage Trilogy

Published by St. Martin’s Griffin

Release date: September 9th, 2014



Let me begin by saying that this book held no actual storyline or depth,however, considering the genre most who read it won’t exactly be reading it for a deep plot, will they?

We begin with Mrs. Evelyn Hart, a newly made widow from New York travels to England. There she meets Lady Carleigh at a party and when Mrs. Evelyn Hart feels a touch overwhelmed finds herself escaping to the gardens. What she sees there will change the course of her immediate life –

In the Garden “rutting like a stallion” in the open is Lord Savage, an Earl. He’s renowned for his sinful ways and prowess. While he’s partaking in a rather open coupling Evelyn Hart spies on him, watches him and is intrigued.

What happens after that thrusts [har, har!] Evelyn into a curious week of curiosities and pleasure.

The characters in this story lack depth and there really isn’t much story play. There wasn’t much substance to this book at all and that includes the sex. Yes, there are scenes and a multitude of them at that, but for me, they seem to lack quality. The quantity is certainly there!

However, what saves it is the fact that this is a fluff book while it is a sex-laden story it is still fluff. For that, I will give its due rating of 2.8 stars which comes out to be 3.


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