A Kiss From Kringle by Rhian Cahill



Genres: romance, chick lit, short story

Pages:  43

Series: book 2 of Frosty’s Snowmen

Published by Escape Publishing

Release dateDecember 8thth 2015




This short read was cute in a Hallmark movie kind of way and then definitely creepy in a Mistletoe Serial Killer kind of way.

What starts off really cute, bossman Kriss Kringle of Frosty’s Snowmen spies a girl he knew he didn’t hire but is taking the place of who he did hire, he later finds out its Haylee’s sister, Leah. She fills in for her sister in hopes no one notices while her sis is at home tending to her sick toddler.

Cute enough to begin with but then it takes a drastically creepy turn, he becomes enamored – ah wait, obsessed? With this girl he just met and she isn’t oblivious to the madness of it all. He goes so far as to say he’s thinking about their future kids – less than 24 hours of knowing her. Ha?

42 hours into knowing one another “magic” happens and he wants more of her.

While Kris Kringle has a cute way of going about his insanity and creepiness, it’s still just that. If you can get past the whole creep factor and take it for what it is.. light, airy, fluff… Go for it!


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