Don’t Eat The Glowing Bananas by David D. Hammons



Don’t Eat The Glowing Bananas by David D. Hammons

Genres: post-apocalyptic, comedy

Pages:  212

Series: Single

Published by Curiosity Quills Press

Release dateDecember 7th 2015



It’s hard to find a decent brunch in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. But that’s all Henry Rosetta wants from the world. That, and not to be eaten by nomadic cannibals. Henry has traveled the nuclear bomb-blasted highways critiquing the finest radioactive eateries and cataloging his experiences. All the while, he’s been searching for the knowledge of why the bombs fell. It’s this hunger for specialty food and forbidden knowledge that brings Henry to the city of New Dallas. There, Henry meets a green-skinned mutant, a katana-wielding assassin, and a horrible dictator who claims to know why the bombs fell. Henry must help the people of New Dallas and learn the great secret of how the world ended. And maybe get a taco along the way.

David D. Hammons 

While visiting Cambridge during my time studying abroad, I tried to sneak into C. S. Lewis’s old apartment. I wanted to stand where the old master stood. I wanted to glean bits of imagination that no-doubt still clung to those walls. A locked door barred my path, and I fled to the safety of the campus pub. It has been my goal to live a life that is notable as the life of that master of writing. I’ve climbed the slopes of Machu Picchu, swam in Loch Ness, smuggled ice cream into China, and made moonshine in my hometown. I studied writing and business in school, and gave up a position in my family’s Black Walnut company to chase my dream. Life, if you make it so, can be an adventure.

Despite all my adventures, there is no greater journey than that which can be found in a book. It was cartoons that got me into writing, works meant for children that as an adult fascinated me with their joyful outlook. It was the old masters, Lewis, Tolkien, Hemmingway, Vonnegut, who challenged me to live an adventure of a life, and then write even greater adventures in books.

Perhaps one day I’ll make it into that old Cambridge apartment. Perhaps one day I’ll be invited.

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*I received this ARC from Curiosity Quills in exchange for an honest review.*


When I received this book as part of the book review tour I just kind of blinked, I thought I remembered this author’s name and then I realized I did.. Alice Takes Back Wonderland is another book of David D. Hammons and I personally wasn’t a fan  – this isn’t about that book, though, this is about Don’t Eat The Glowing Bananas.

The tone is quite similar to Alice Takes Back Wonderland – which is NUTTY! This book is meant to be that way though and you can tell, it’s a comedy and there is no denying that. It’s goofy and you never know what to expect coming out of one of the characters mouths… It reminds me of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas’ BAT COUNTRY at times…

There doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason at times and if you took the book too seriously it could begin to annoy you, but let me just say DONT take it seriously because it isn’t meant to be taken that way.

All in all, it’s a kooky, fun read.

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