SCARRED FOR LIFE: A Guide to Living with Scars by Jennifer Hamilton

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SCARRED FOR LIFE: A Guide to Living with Scars by Jennifer Hamilton

Genres: non fiction

Pages:  23

Series: Single

Published by Jennifer Hamilton

Release date: November 28th, 2015

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Summary: Written by someone who understands how scars can affect your everyday life, this guide will be useful if you yourself have ever suffered from the social stigma of scars. It will help you recognise different types of scarring, how to prevent them from emerging and some of the many treatment methods you can use to lessen their appearance.

In this book you will learn about:

– My Story

– The many different types of scars and how they form

– Steps you can take to inhibit their development

– The best natural, medical and surgical techniques being used today to decrease their appearance


Review: Without delving too much into my personal life I can say that I understand what it is to have scars, I don’t wear my scars on the outside so much as I do on the inside. At a young age, I had severe health issues and it wasn’t until I was thirteen that I was on my way until better health.

This being said, the story behind the creation of this book is touching. Although I felt like there should have been more of the personal story fused in with the medical help. I thought that perhaps there would be more introduction to the author’s struggles from a young age to the then surgery and recovery after which would have led to the knowledge of scars and how to heal them properly, etc.

However, this is a very knowledgeable book about how to take care of wounds and how to reduce scars or their appearances.

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