These Vicious Masks by Tarun Shanker/Kelly Zekas



These Vicious Masks by Tarun Shanker & Kelly Zekas
Published by Swoon Reads on February 9, 2016
Genres: Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Supernatural, Abilities, Victorian Era
Pages: 352
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Let me begin with saying is this cover not to die for? Most of us often do judge a book by it’s cover as it is something that draws us in and this one does that quite well. Often times we find ourselves misled by a beautiful cover with a mediocre tale inside, this does not do that.

This is set is a beautiful Victorian London, the characters are Austen-esque characters and with a brilliantly strong leading lady. Evelyn starts off bored with the tedium of society, her mother akin to Mrs. Bennet of Pride & Prejudice, does not help matters. Rose, Evelyn’s sister is a lovely charismatic angel that just seems to have a way with people.

The story begins off a touch slow until we meet Mr. Braddock, at once the story hits the ground running with what you may think is going on and what is actually going on. Mr. Braddock seems unlikable, secretive and not one to be trifled with!

Once Rose vanishes, leaving a strange note behind, Evelyn cannot stand for it as she believes she has been abducted. Evelyn springs into action, enlisting her friend Mr. Kent and oddly enough seeking out Mr. Braddock for answers.

The story begins to run, it’s a page turner once they begin looking for Rose and all that happens had me clutching my iPad as I read. By the end I really wanted more, and you can be sure that a second book would surely have me reading.

I truly enjoyed this book. It was fast paced once the real story started, there is a touch of romance in there too, but not overly much and what was in there I felt the emotions which is quite important to me. Over all, a lovely book deserving of the 4 stars!

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