Stone-Cold Fox by Hailey Edwards

25567459 ★★★☆☆

Stone-Cold Fox by Hailey Edwards
Published by Hailey Edwards on October 31st 2015
Genres: Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Supernatural, Shape-shifting
Pages: 100
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*I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.*

I must confess I haven’t read any of these books so I was walking into it blindly, but that being said even though I don’t know the back stories this was fairly easy to follow along with. The book explains in dribs and drabs about what is going on or what has transpired.

The book starts off with Mai at a comic con and I really found myself amused at this part because of the Labyrinth references – being a huge Labyrinth buff myself I kept giggling. From there the story moves quickly and Mai winds up abducted by someone she thought was her friend only to wind up in Ryuu’s claws.

It’s a quick moving story and soon we begin to learn some truths and Mai feels her world teetering, unable to grasp at the more reliable truth which is her memories. Things are resolved quickly and there are more Labyrinth references throughout the book which just makes me squee.

It goes by quickly and definitely leaves you wanting more just as it begins to get interesting. It’s a cute, fun, fast read.


      1. It’s a Novella, so the length is shorter than a novel. Just beyond a Short Story. :}


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