Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter



There are some books that lure you in with the first few pages and then betray you by suddenly not being at ALL what you thought it was going to be about. Sometimes this can work in your favor and others not so much. This was far from working in my favor.

I should have read more reviews, which I often don’t do because I like to base my own on a book, but there are so many previous reviewers that I agree with.

If you’re looking for a book that has anything to do with Alice in Wonderland please turn the car around [har har har] and go back from whence you came. This is NOT an Alice in Wonderland book like the title suggests that it may be.

This book is as Alice in Wonderland as a tomato is akin to an apple, and there may be more similarities between an apple and tomato, they’re both red for instance, have seeds, are fruit and…. well, this is a review about a book not an apple or tomato. I hope you get my drift.

So why would this book dare to class itself in with Alice in Wonderland? Well, let’s see.. first of all there is no such thing as Wonderland so much as it is “Spiritland” – it takes an outer body experience to a whole new level and that is where the zombies hide, they attack ones spirit and what is done to a spirit is done to a body – thus resulting in a possible death.

Alice Bell suffers a traumatic accident in which her family passes away in and during this time she sees them slaughtered by “monsters” she has grown up thinking her father absolutely mad only to find out he had been telling the truth and his years of training Alice were for good reason. Except now it’s too late, she’s an orphan and is sent to live with her grandparents.

She has to transfer schools and also finds herself being glared at by a dark, hunk of a boy who’s glaring totally does it for her! Cole Holland does nothing but glare and then a few chapters down the road the glaring turns to just cockiness… and from then on its just kind of horribly lame, we’re talking Disney TV movie kind of lame. High School Musical kind of lame.

None of this worked for me and I’m sorely disappointed.. for one, Alice in Wonderland! YES PLEASE.. and two.. ZOMBIES…

Just do your homework folks, if you follow reviewers who you trust… just spare yourself the wasted brain effort, because it is really just that.


    1. If you are looking for an AIW tale, this isn’t the book for you. If you’re hoping for even minor incidents resembling Wonderland.. this isn’t it.

      There really are few AIW things — Alice Bell sees a White Rabbit in the sky as a ‘warning’ at times — but that is it. It’s more of a Spiritland that exists on earth – there isn’t a mad hatter or anything like that.

      This also reads more than a trifle immature – think along the lines of a very catty high school movie [Disney-ish.]

      The cover and title are misleading and I really really really wanted to like this because I have an infatuation with Alice in Wonderland.

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    1. Same here. You may enjoy another series then, it is called “Splintered” by A.G. Howard. It’s a trilogy, with some novellas along the way to support it. I adored it. :}

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      1. Great to have an expert in Alice in Wonderland (and other books that were inspired by it)! 🙂 I added Splintered on my TBR list (yes it’s endless but I’ll get there haha)

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