Engraved Immortality by Melanie D. Basileus



I really wanted to enjoy this book more than I did, mostly because this is a debut author and I always give them the benefit of the doubt. I, however, give honest reviews after reading.

This book is about a 20something year old Helene Carter who has begun to have odd dreams about her dying, it just so happens we open up to her waking up with marks along her Achilles tendon which is something we need to remember through the book. She dreams about herself dying and a man beside her weeping.

We then kind of tread the pages for about 200 pages or so, we go from where she works, to home, to the hospital where her mom works, to school and then she finally decides [after numerous dreams and getting a tattoo to cover up her mark,] that she needs to travel to Greece or specifically, Mykonos Island.

Things begin to pick up from here, although I’m not overly keen on it and here is why.. I was hoping for more depth to the story and what I mean by this is emotional depth, not an ‘insta-love’ thing, which happens. This story had a lot of potential and the storyline itself was quite interesting, it was just how it was executed.

Some parts were quite drawn out while others seemed to happen quickly, to the point I was wondering if that was truly how things were going to pan out, because it almost felt *wrong* to me. There are some gaps [emotionally and depth wise] that left me feeling unsatisfied.

There is going to be a second book “Engraved Bloodlines” that comes out in 2016. It does set up for a sequel rather nicely.

I wanted to like this more, I truly did, but for me it was just a 2 star. This is available via Kindle Unlimited [free] and also available on Amazon for 2.99 kindle edition.

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